This September, it isn’t just kids gearing up for school, many older adults will be joining them at local colleges and universities.

The retirement years are the Golden Years, they are the time for you to do whatever it is you have always wanted to do, spent decades saving for and planning. Many of us dream of spending days free of obligation on the golf course, travelling, dining and relaxing. And while these are all wonderful things that can certainly fill up your time, many seniors are still wanting a little bit more.

School and continuing education may not have been top-of-mind in planning how to spend your retirement yet many seniors are making it a priority now that they are in the midst of it. There are many reasons for those 50 plus to be returning to the classroom including time, curiosity, connecting with other people, getting their degree, or even to start a second or third career. Better yet, there are many ways to increase your knowledge and stretch your mental muscles without breaking the bank.

  1. Free or reduced tuition. Many universities and colleges across Canada and the United States offer reduced or free tuition to those 50 plus. Audit a class so you can attend interesting lectures while the completion of homework and assignments is optional, or sign up for the course at a reduced rate to receive credit for the class. There are many options available, and students and professors agree that having multi-generational students really adds to the think-tank and perspective of the classroom.
  2. Campus Amenities. Lectures aren’t the only thing to do at a college or university. Take advantage of the many opportunities provided including listening to guest speakers and politicians, attending concerts and sporting events, and the many other events that the public is often invited to attend. Libraries, athletic facilities and other campus perks are often open to members of the community as well. So take advantage of them to further your knowledge base, meet new people, and keep up-to-date with community events.
  3. University Lecture Series. Look to see if your local college or university offers a lecture series. Often these programs will contain a lecture highlighting a different faculty every week. Not only are they interesting and offer a variety of topics, you have the opportunity to connect with other seniors in your community while learning about subject matters you might not have thought you would be interested in.

With so many learning and social opportunities it is no wonder retirees are enjoying spending time back in the classroom – especially if it doesn’t involve the homework aspect. Check with your local college or university campus to see what opportunities they have to offer. And if you are looking for some company, find like-minded individuals to join you through Amintro.

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By Christine Tompa