The role of a caregiver is a challenging responsibility. Significant time and energy must be invested in discovering and exploring the care network, all while delicately balancing the wishes of their loved ones with their greater health needs. Ensuring that their loved ones can receive consistent, quality meals and proper nutrition often becomes a focal concern for caregivers.

Caregivers with loved ones based in Waterloo Region can answer that challenge in the form of Community Support Connections’ hot and frozen meals program.

“It does take a really big load off of us to have those meals,” exclaims Helen, a caregiver who tends to her father, Fred. “They’re reliable, and to me, I just feel so happy.”

At 96 years of age, Fred has a lifetime of memories built up in his home, many of which are tied to his dearly-missed wife. “All my memories are here, and they’re going to remain here with me,” he adamantly states. Receiving hot, homestyle meals prepared fresh on weekdays enables Fred to remain healthy and capable of independent living in his own home.

“We just want to keep him in his home as long as possible,” Helen affirms. Community Support Connections’ provision of Fred’s weekday meals has brought relief to Helen’s commitments as a Caregiver. The in-person friendly visit and security check provided by the agency’s delivery volunteers further provides peace-of-mind, as it ensures that Fred’s welfare is being looked after regularly, even when Helen is unavailable.

“I’m just blessed to have dad around still,” Helen relates. “We are so grateful for everything Meals on Wheels has done for us.”

Fred, too, has his own thoughts on the agency’s services.

“All the meals are so very nice. They’re so well prepared. It makes me feel like I want to eat them. The soups are out of this world; I can’t expect more. The desserts are gorgeous.”