Ever dreamed of owning a particular make and model of vehicle, perhaps a flashy convertible or a fast and furious sports car? Maybe your dream was simply to acquire something considered noteworthy and prestigious or on the other hand, a vehicle that’s large, rugged and just plain fun to drive. Whatever your passion, the beautiful thing about being 50+ is that you’ve probably achieved several things at this point in your life: you’re “old” enough to not care if you’re a cliché and “young” enough to enjoy the ride – cliché or not! If you’ve worked hard and planned accordingly for your retirement, now’s the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and drive what you want to drive because if not now, when? Break out of the “age-appropriate” automobile rut and bust out that bucket list instead and go shopping …it’s time to be the bada$$ you’ve always aspired to be!

November is often the time we start to read about what’s coming up in the car market. It’s considered autumn and it’s typically a time that many manufacturers release models for the coming year. That means, right about now you should start seeing adds for 2022 vehicles available. This is also the time of year when real car aficionados can start planning visits to car shows, prime opportunities for real car buffs to peruse plenty of eye candy in a “one-stop shopping” scenario. After a year or two of not being able to see cars “up close and personal,” planning a winter activity that involves some amazing sightseeing looks like it will finally be able to happen with several major cities planning to host in-person car shows over the coming months, including Toronto (Feb 10th-19th, 2022) Chicago (Feb 12th–21st, 2022) and if you’re in the Los Angeles area you can get a jump on 2022 with their in-person car show happening later this month! (Nov 19th-28th, 2021)

If you’ve been thinking about rewarding yourself for all those years you HAD to drive a minivan, a sports utility vehicle or a family-focussed sedan just to get the kids to soccer and hockey, pick up the groceries and dry-cleaning or simply because it was “sensible,” the advantage of being an older adult is none of those practicalities now apply! If you want a Jeep because you’ve always dreamed of owning a jeep – go for it! It’s true the ride might be a little bumpier than a Cadillac but exploring the great outdoors with the top down (or even the doors off) might be just the adventure you crave and you won’t be limited by little things like whether the road is paved or not!  Convertibles too offer a top down experience that can’t be beat in the summer heat and since there are a good few of our Amintro family that will FINALLY be able to head south again this winter – they offer an almost year round driving experience. If you’re worried about the cliché part of being older and driving a sporty car with the roof down we have a suggestion for you; put on a hat and some shades and enjoy the ride! As the proud owner of a Mazda Miata that’s older than her 19 year old daughter recently shared with us, “just look away when I try to get out of the car….it isn’t a pretty sight!”

We don’t want to exclude anyone with this chat about vehicles. After all, we would be perpetuating the stereotype if we assumed every senior wanted a sports car. Maybe you don’t want the recently redesigned Corvette or even a Mustang but you do want style and wish to respect the environment too. You can do both! There’s a new Mustang in the stable and that’s the Mustang Mach-E SUV, a fully electric sports utility vehicle that promises the best in terms of performance, comfort and reduced emissions. In the high-end SUV category you might also choose a Porsche Cayenne; a Volvo XC60, from a number of Audi, Acura, Lexus, BMW or Range Rover vehicles, the Mercedes “G-Wagon” or even a Maserati. Yes, a Maserati SUV exists so that you can enjoy the name, the brand AND the ride without having to lower yourself down into their MC20. Sure it’s beautiful but hey, sometimes those issues of “age-appropriate” automobiles are true and if you are a bit more on the “senior” side of being a senior, you may be forced to consider a vehicle that offers luxury but ease of access too!

Speaking of clichés, what we’re really talking about today is now is the time to “Seize the day!” We’re “not getting any younger,” and “you’re worth it!” Amintro members might be 50+ but it’s true “you’re only as old as you feel,” and if “you’re a kid at heart” then let your heart dictate your next choice of vehicle. If you are in the market for a new set of wheels this fall (or planning for a top down ride next summer) go ahead and BE the cliché. Own it, whether that’s preserving the future for your grandchildren by choosing an all-electric Tesla, or living in the moment and driving a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti or a McLaren,* you’ve earned the right to do so. In fact, maybe an “age-appropriate” vehicle is any of these or better yet, “age-appropriate” simply means whatever is appropriate for you! Choose your ride, live life, it’s time to be a bada$$!

*Almost all of these manufacturers also offer electric or hybrid options now!