The simple pleasures. The simple life. The trend to simplify our lives, particularly as we enter our senior years, is an ongoing goal for many of us.

You’ll find endless articles, books, videos and blogs devoted to the art of living with less—not just in terms of material goods, but in treasuring only the people, the pursuits, and the parts of our lives that bring us happiness and freedom to live the way we want to live.

But there is also another way to discover a simplified life: it comes in the form of a retirement residence, where simplicity—and freedom—are built right in. Here’s how:


  1. Retirement residence simplicity means no more home maintenance chores, or the worry that comes from needing a new roof or arranging for snow shovelling. Simplicity is enjoying your spacious suite without thinking about upkeep.
  2. Retirement residence simplicity means no more multiple bills to coordinate for heat, hydro, taxes,  and—depending on which of the flexible dining options you choose—even meals. Instead, one single payment covers your suite rental and many other services, both included and available.
  3. Retirement residence simplicity means no more organizing and managing outside services such as home care/support. Should you need extra support, it’s there right where you live; a simple, built-in solution.
  4. Retirement residence simplicity means no more worrying about getting around, especially in harsh weather. Shuttle bus service to shopping, appointments, and outings is often offered at retirement residences, so you can focus on the enjoyment of the event and not on the stress of getting there.
  5. Retirement residence simplicity means living with the furniture and possessions that bring you the most joy and satisfaction that you’ve chosen to bring with you. Despite the initial challenge of “rightsizing,” many seniors find this a freeing process.
  6. Retirement residence simplicity means never again thinking, “I’d like to attend my book club, but it’s just too much now to make the arrangements to go out.” Instead, you’ll find many of your favourite activities are often on your doorstep, no coat or boots needed! You’ll also find a wide circle of friendly faces with whom you can enjoy socializing. What could be simpler—and more fun—than a spontaneous coffee and pastry in your residence’s bistro with a friend from down the hall?

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