After losing his wife of 66 years, Keith Davison needed some company. So he put a pool in his backyard for the neighbourhood kids.

The quiet that surrounded Keith Davison in the months following the death of his wife, Evy, was too much. He was lonely, and although he has three adult children, there are no grandkids.

When he started floating around the idea of putting a pool in his backyard, the neighbours thought he was kidding. But once the markers appeared, they knew it was going to be a reality. And a welcome one at that. The town doesn’t have a public outdoor pool, but now, thanks to Davison, young families have access to a 32-foot long pool that even has a diving board.

The pool went in this spring and Davison has been enjoying the life it has brought back to his home. And while he admits it wasn’t the most economical decision, he holds zero regrets. “I’m not sitting by myself looking at the walls,” he says.

At Amintro, we applaud what Davison has done for himself and the community. He has brought joy back into his own life and much happiness and excitement to the neighbourhood kids. However, there are so many stories similar to this out there, but with people who don’t have the same means, space, or ability to put in a pool. We also wonder about the social isolation that could set back in over the winter months.

Loneliness and social isolation are a real problem, particularly amongst older adults.

This is where Amintro comes in. We are the social community designed exclusively for those 50 plus looking to make new friends and increase their social circles. We are not a dating site! This is a place to make connections and create good, old-fashioned friendships.

We are about connecting individuals with like-minded people in their community, in order to form friendships and get them socializing, either in the comfort of home or out and about around town.

The benefits of an active social life have been well studied and documented. And they reach far beyond having a nice time with friends. The physical, emotional and overall wellness that come from face-to-face social interactions are enormous – you can read more in-depth about that here.

Membership to Amintro is free, and you can learn more about us, our community and how to become an Amintronian by following us on Twitter: @AmintroFriends, or liking us on Facebook: AmintroFriends.

By Christine Tompa