With winter on its way out the door soon, spring is finally in sight! And what better way to welcome a new season than with a refresh that improves on yourself and your home. By refresh, we don’t mean completely upending your life. To us, refresh and reset means getting to tasks that you’ve been putting off that are going to help you be the best version of yourself. Just like a computer needs a restart every so often, so do we. Check out our 8 helpful tips for refreshing and resetting that are sure to have you feeling organized and excited for the next few months ahead!

  1. Start small! Start with writing a list of what you want to focus on during your refresh. If you think of everything at once, it can quickly become overwhelming. By writing things down as you think of them and focusing on one task at a time, it won’t seem quite as daunting.
  2. Set achievable goals! Many of us set unrealistic goals and beat ourselves up about it if we don’t accomplish them. By setting achievable goals, even if they don’t seem difficult enough, we can feel good about ourselves when we accomplish something, even small. Consider anything above your goal a bonus!
  3. Focus on the result! It’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize. Focus on the result of each task and the positive impact it will have on your life. This helps with motivation and staying on track. Even if you don’t feel like it or it seems too hard, the benefits make it worth doing!
  4. Don’t try to accomplish everything in a single day! You’re likely going to have many tasks on your refresh list, making it unrealistic that you will finish it all in a day. By spreading your tasks out over a week or a month, you’re less likely to feel burnt out and more likely to maintain motivation.
  5. Do what works for you! Everyone is different and refreshing for a new season is all about doing what works best for you. Include tasks that are going to specifically benefit you and approach them in a way that is manageable and achievable. If you’re worried about judgment from others, you don’t have to share your ideas with anyone else.
  6. Seek inspiration from others! Taking inspiration from others is a great way to help get you started on your list of tasks. For example, if a friend has recently started a new hobby and it’s helping them exercise, that might be something that would also be good for you. Just be sure not to directly copy and paste someone else’s list because their goals won’t be the same as yours.
  7. Declutter! While not applicable to everyone, decluttering is an easy way for a lot of us to feel refreshed. Getting rid of things that we no longer use or that don’t bring us joy can make space for the things that do. Give back while you’re at it by donating your unwanted goods to a thrift store!
  8. Make time for yourself! Remember, refreshing and resetting should be fun as you better yourself for the season ahead. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the pressure to complete everything on your list within a specified period or in a particular way. Ensure you take time for yourself amongst your tasks. This creates a good habit of knowing when you need your time and making the conscious choice to focus on that. It may seem obvious, but it can be hard to choose ourselves sometimes when there are things to be done.