Have you ever been told that “it’s all downhill from here” after turning 50, 60, 70 or more? Julia Moulden, Author and Communications Expert, had been told this same thing; however, being over 50 herself and having the time, energy and resources to do all the things she had always wanted to do, she felt differently; she felt as though she was just getting started.

Julia had written a book called WE ARE THE NEW RADICALS, a manifesto about reinventing yourself and saving the world, so she was already in a frame of mind about transitioning into new roles, and with all that was going on with her career she realized there was a big story to tell about life after 50.

“Pushing against the tide of ‘it’s all downhill from here’, I realized there was a conversation that needed to be started. I had thought about writing RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 for about 7 years, partly from my own life and experience, but I didn’t want it to be stories of other people’s successes. People really want to know how to get there from here, and I wanted the book to show individuals how to find their own path after the age of 50.”

Now 60, Julia has written 3 books, writes for various publications, CEOs, celebrities and cabinet ministers, continues to run her company, Julia’s Creative Inc., and is a Speaker on finding meaning after 50. RIPE: Rich, Rewarding Work After 50 is Julia’s newest book that she says functions more like a workbook.

“I developed this book as a 12 week course that is broken into subjects and includes lots of exercises for people to do, almost like a workbook, with the major components being to Review your life and experiences, Reflect and think about who you are, your values, your passions, and Reconnoiter, take a look around, see what works for others, try all kinds of things, go to different events, network etc. This book is about helping you discover passion, possibility, and purpose in midlife.”

Speaking with Julia it is quite clear to see why she, and others over 50, are just getting started.

“I have arrived at a stage in my life where all the things that I once only thought about or dreamed about are now possible for me. I have the skills, the network, the confidence. This is the beginning of my ripening. It is a very interesting, challenging, exciting period of my life and it feels like life is actually getting better. I want younger people to know this as well, you have this whole period ahead of you in which you can bloom and if you work at it, this can truly be the best period of your life.”

How does she do it, and maybe more importantly, how can you achieve your career ambitions after 50? Julia offers some honest advice, “The world will tell you that you can’t, but if you want it enough, have the passion and the drive, you absolutely can. Always believe in yourself.”

Learn more about starting a second career at http://juliamoulden.com/ or to find like-minded people to keep you motivated, network and inspired, join Amintro, the social club designed exclusively for those 50+ looking for new opportunities and to create new social circles.

By Christine Tompa