There is no shortage of apps available, and while some are really neat and useful, others can be gimmicky and full of pop-up ads. If you’re a boomer or senior and looking to expand your horizons when it comes to technology and the ways it can help improve our everyday lives, this article is for you!

Whatever kind of apps you’re looking for – entertainment, health, socializing, or those that are just plain useful – these are our top picks.

iPharmacy Pill ID & Drug Info (free)

This app is free and can be quite useful if you have regular prescription medication that you are taking. Use it to identify pills by colour and shape, find out the side effects of a medication, as well as get reminders of when to take your pills. This app has high ratings from users, and you can learn more about it here.

The Fabulous Motivate Me! App (paid)

If you’re looking to lead a healthier life but need a little extra motivation (or simply want to track your progress), Fabulous is the app for you. A science-based app, it was developed in Duke’s Behavioural Economics Lab. Users say it helps you eat better and meet your fitness goals, in a “Zen-like” way.

WordBrain (free)

We need to exercise our minds as well as our bodies, and this is just the game to do it. WordBrain is the highest rated puzzle available on the market, and users enjoy how it starts off easy and gets harder as they go.

Kindle Reading App (free)

Love getting lost in a good book? Download the Kindle Reading App from It’s free, and you can actually find free ebooks to fill your library through Amazon as well. You don’t even need a separate device, this app will work with your phone, tablet or computer.

amintro app icon

Amintro (free)

With the Amintro app you become part of a community designed exclusively for those 50 plus. It’s not a dating site! Amintro is intended for older adults who want to connect with those they might not otherwise meet in their community; it facilitates friendships, expands social circles and helps boomers and seniors overcome loneliness and live life to its fullest.

Written by Christine Tompa for Amintro

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