Do you live on your own? Are you finding that the pandemic has you continually making the difficult choice between feeling alone at home or risking your safety to go out and run errands or meet with family and friends?

No one wants to feel alone, especially during the long winter months. The good news is that there are options to alleviate social isolation, including choosing to call a retirement residence home. At a retirement community, you can build friendships, enjoy safe social experiences, feel supported by a like-minded community of residents and staff, and lead an active and fulfilled life.

Enjoying the healthy benefits of companionship is just one of the many advantages a seniors’ residence can offer you right now. Here are four concerns that older adults living in their own homes are currently experiencing and how a retirement residence can help:

I wish I could talk to someone when I need reassurance or support—sometimes I feel alone.

A seniors’ residence is a community of people who come to know and trust one another. Having community support is more important than ever, as the sense of solidarity helps residents build resilience during tough times.

It’s not just fellow residents who are part of your community; staff are in the residence 24-7 and are there when you need them. They are dedicated to residents’ physical, mental and emotional well-being, and are a crucial part of the residence family.

You should also know that your own family is always welcome. Every residence has strict protocols and infection control regulations to ensure safe family visits, unless a residence is in an outbreak situation or regional restrictions temporary suspend social visits.

I want to have something to look forward to each day so I don’t feel bored.

Retirement residences have always offered a full calendar of interesting and fulfilling activities and events that people enjoy, not just for the activity itself, but for the social opportunities. That’s still the case during the pandemic, with physical distancing, smaller groups and other heightened safety measures in place. There are always daily opportunities to do and experience something new, even if conditions dictate staying within your own comfortable suite.

I don’t want to worry that if I experience a fall or a medical emergency, no one will be there to help me.

In a retirement residence there are always caring staff on-site 24-7, should you need them—a level of support that provides great peace of mind. Residences also offer wellness services and continuum of care options if and when you need them.

I don’t want to feel afraid to leave my home to do errands, and yet I don’t want to feel stuck at home.

Retirement residences offer delicious meal options in-house, with some also having on-site pharmacies, restaurants and tuck shops. Additional amenities can include bistros, libraries and theatre rooms, and much more. It is also a maintenance-free lifestyle, meaning you don’t have to worry about home repairs, snow shoveling or landscaping. Many residences also provide transportation to essential medical appointments, and—when safe—bus outings to see holiday light displays, for example.

Chartwell residences remain safe, social and supportive places to call home. 96% of our residents felt their Chartwell residence took important measures to keep them safe during COVID-19. Learn more about how a Chartwell retirement residence made the life of a senior and their family better—especially during the pandemic—by visiting our resident and family testimonial page.