Have you been thinking about senior living options for yourself or a loved one? Once you’ve  decided whether independent living, independent supportive living, assisted living or memory care is right for you, you’ll find many resources to help inform your decision. Also, check out these four common questions from seniors and their loved ones:

Moving from my home where I live alone seems intimidating. There are more people than I’m used to in a residence—won’t I feel lost or unsafe, especially during this pandemic?

Moving represents a big change and that can understandably be a bit intimidating. Rest assured, however, that staff and fellow residents will make you feel welcome from your very first visit. Residences are like small communities where you can socialize and participate on your own terms. In addition to orientation programs that introduce new residents to people they may have something in common with, the dining experience and leisure programming, there will also be many future opportunities to meet people in small groups at your own pace.

Keep in mind too, that you are in your own individual suite and you are entirely free to spend your time there as you wish.

I’ve lived in my house for many years and have built a life here in my neighbourhood. Won’t I lose that in a seniors’ residence?

Moving to a senior living community doesn’t mean you will lose contact with your current friends, family or neighbours. You’ll still be living your life, on your own terms.

In addition to coming and going as you please, when it’s safe to do so many residences offer outings for local shopping and appointments, lessening the need for public transit or your own vehicle. You should also know that one of the benefits of senior living is becoming a part of a new community, where you can enjoy opportunities for social connection and activities that interest you without ever having to leave your residence.

I feel more comfortable when I’m surrounded by my things; won’t it feel like I’m living in a hotel?

Not at all—this is your home with your furniture, decorated by you! Residents are encouraged to take measurements of their new suite before move-in and assess what cherished possessions and furniture they want to bring with them. There are many resources available to help you in this process.

I like to cook, bake and do the occasional grocery shop. Will I still be able to do that?

There are many accommodation options, suite layouts and amenities available depending on the retirement residence you choose. For example, you can choose a suite with a partial or fully equipped kitchen, making it easy to enjoy meals in your own space if you wish. When safe, some residences also offer transportation services to grocery stores, pharmacies and other local amenities.

Many residences also have “country” or “demonstration” kitchens, which are perfect for hosting a larger family gathering for a cookie-baking session or holiday meal. Of course, all residences offer varied in-house dining options with nutritious, delicious and varied menus.

To learn more about the safe, supportive and social lifestyle at Chartwell, call our Contact Centre today at 1-855-461-0685 or visit chartwell.com. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are here to answer all of your questions.