We aren’t talking about replacing friends, just adding more to the mix!

When it comes to friendships the saying “the more the merrier” isn’t just a cliché. There is so much to gain, and absolutely nothing to lose (except maybe boredom) by expanding your social circles.

At Amintro, we are all about building platonic relationships and believe there is no such thing as having too many friends. In fact, here are 10 reasons to make room for more friends in your life.

Open yourself up to new possibilities.

It is easy to get stuck in the status quo, doing what you always do with your time. But making new friends will get you out of your routine and out creating new adventures.

Offer different perspectives.

Long-time friends typically share similar values, interests and perspectives. And while it is great to have similar mind sets, it is also beneficial to be challenged with your way of thinking. New friendships bring new perspectives which can enhance the way you view the world.

Teach you new things.

Ever heard of Mah Jongg? Neither had my mom until she made a new group of friends. Now she is having fun learning a new game and really enjoying it. This is just one example and there are many, many more like it.

Get you out of your comfort zone.

It’s easy to get caught in your comfort zone – after all, it’s comfortable there! Diversifying your friendships will help you break free of this and experience opportunities you would have missed out on otherwise.

Fill your social calendar.

We all have busy lives filled with work, family and friends. Increasing your social circles can ensure that there is someone to socialize with regardless of the day of the week.

Free entertainment.

Friendship is free. There is no cost to sharing a laugh, having someone to talk about your day or walk around town with. Being with friends offers a great time and good memories, both of which don’t cost you a dime.

Learn things about yourself.

You may think you don’t like an activity or that you aren’t one to travel. Maybe you think you can’t do something – like climb a mountain. New people encourage you to try new things, and maybe even offer a little extra motivation. And who knows, you may find that you actually excel at that thing you thought you couldn’t do, or love the thing you thought you’d despise.

Fresh start.

New friends don’t know your history or the people from your past. You can share what you want, when you are comfortable to do so. You get to put your best self forward and be the person you want to be.

Introduce you to more people.

If you make one new friend you are likely to make many more, simply due to association. That new friend will likely introduce you to their other friends and before you know it your network has significantly increased. And with that, you never know who you might meet or what you might learn.

Bring more joy to your life.

The research has been done and the findings are clear, friendships enhance our lives. Having friends and spending time with them makes us happier and healthier, and gets us living life to its fullest.

Designed exclusively for those 50 plus, Amintro is the unique social community that matches you with possible friends. We are not a dating site. We are about fostering good old fashioned, platonic relationships.

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