Is it ever too early to start spring cleaning? We think not! It’s time to open the windows and get things in order. We’ve provided a guide of how to spring clean every room of your house to help you prepare for the warmer months!

The Bedroom

It may not feel like it, but we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. And with that comes the tendency to toss things in the closet or ignore certain areas of the room. But spring cleaning is all about hitting those neglected spots!

Start with dusting. Dust the blinds, the lampshades, underneath things that typically don’t see the light of day. You’ll be surprised just how dirty these areas can get and how dust-free your bedroom will feel afterwards.

Next up are bed sheets. Wash and air out the sheets by leaving the duvet/comforter open after making the bed. This is also a good time to switch out your flannel sheets for your cotton ones if you change them for the winter. With the coldest months (hopefully) behind us, you won’t need the extra warmth until next winter.

It’s time for the infamous closet. Go through and get rid of anything that doesn’t immediately bring you joy when you put it on. This task may need to be spread over a couple days since it can be daunting depending on the size of your wardrobe. Be sure to actually put on each clothing item to see the fit and whether you like it on yourself or just on the hanger. Donating or selling discarded clothes is a great way to free up space in your closet. Keep the closet doors open to air out the space a bit after you’ve finished going through everything.

The Bathroom

It’s on to the next room in the house: the bathroom. There’s a couple of simple things you can do to ensure your bathroom is spick and span. Give your bathroom a good deep clean by scrubbing the ridges on your tiled floor or shower walls using a scrubber brush or even a toothbrush. You might be surprised when the colour turns from beige to white!

Take everything out of the drawers and wipe each one down. This is also a good opportunity to go through your products and see what’s not being used, what’s expired, and what could be donated. Various organizations will take products like unopened shampoo and soaps as donations for those in need.

The Living Area

The living area is where we spend most of our days at home. A lot takes place in the space, meaning there’s room for some deep cleaning. Start by removing all the small, loose decorations and wiping underneath them. You may just find a large dust bunny family living there!

Wash the couch cushions if you have removable covers. Otherwise, you can vacuum them. Couches of a lighter colour will appear dirtier than darker ones, but it’s good to give them a clean just the same. Move the couches to give the floor a thorough cleaning. It’s also good to move any other furniture (or the rug) to expose the floor that hasn’t been reached in a while. Be sure to give it the whole treatment with a good vacuum and mop!

Give the windows a polish using a streak-free product on a warmer day. Clean them on the inside and outside and you may be surprised how much easier it is to see out. While you’re doing this, toss the window treatments into the washing machine. Just be sure to check the washing instructions beforehand so they aren’t damaged in the process. It’s also good to wash the baseboards and window sills to clear out excess dust.

The Kitchen

Now that most of your house is feeling a little bit cleaner, it’s time to tackle the kitchen! The best way to start is by going through kitchen wares and dishes to see what you actually use and what you can donate. We often accumulate lots of fancy kitchen gadgets thinking we’ll use it to spruce up our dinners. But we use it once and into the back of the cupboard it goes. It’s time to get rid of it and only keep what you actually need!

While you’re going through things, why not do the same with the fridge and pantry? Go through and get rid of all the expired food as well as food you just don’t see yourself using before the expiration date. No use holding onto it just for the sake of keeping it! When you’ve taken everything out, wipe down all the shelves in your fridge. Spills can often go unnoticed and this is a great opportunity to clean them up. Do the same with your pantry.

Clean the areas that you don’t use. Wipe down all the small ledges such as on top of the oven or above the fridge. You probably won’t be surprised at the amount of dust and grease living there. But you’ll feel so much better knowing you’re now cooking in a clean and fresh space!

The Front Hall

The front hall sees a lot of action. So start with the area with the most foot traffic: the doormat. Clean it by tossing it in the wash or take it out and spray it down with a hose. Leave it in the sun to dry and it’ll be ready to be brought back inside in no time. While the mat is drying outside, take time to vacuum and mop the space where the mat usually sits.

Go through shoes and coats in the front hall that you don’t use anymore. Take them to your local donation place or sell them online for some extra money. The space will feel refreshed without the extra items and there may even be some extra hangers for when company comes over!

The Garage

The inside of your house is now sparkling from head to toe! The final thing to be cleaned and organized is the garage. It’s time to make some room and use your garage to its full potential.

Organize all the stuff in your garage. Go through and see what should be thrown away or donated and what you actually ought to keep. You probably don’t need everything that’s in there and this will clear up space.

Install some hooks and shelves to organize things that don’t have a place yet. Shelving units that go on the ground can also be useful for all of the tiny tidbits that can easily be lost. Use label stickers to help you remember where you’ve put everything afterwards.

Now that everything’s in its place, it’s time to clean. Open the garage door to air it out on a warm day. Having the door open is a great opportunity to sweep all of the dust that’s accumulated over winter right out. Clean the windows and window sills (if you have any) of webs and dust. Clean windows will let in a lot more natural light.

It may seem like a lot, but spring cleaning is all about preparing your home for summer. Doing these tasks now will allow you to enjoy your free time spent outside. Break the tasks down by picking a different room to focus on each day and by the end of the week or in a couple weeks time, you’ll have the cleanest house on the block!