Summer is a great time to move! The weather is typically pretty good with no threats of poor road conditions due to inclement weather. If you need a helping hand, it can be easier to coordinate with family members with the kids off school. In some industries, it’s easier for people to take time off work since summer isn’t necessarily the busiest time of the year.

The summer means a lower chance of mud and dirt getting into your new and old homes when people are moving things in and out. It’s also easier to clean since you can bring things outside. Repairs and repainting are best done in good weather, allowing you to get started on any renos as soon as you move in. We’re discussing all things moving and our tips and tricks for an easier time!

Start early! No matter how few or many things you have to move, it can be a daunting task with lots of moving pieces. Get things together early such as packing up a box each day or going through and seeing what you’d like to get rid of. The earlier you start, the better it will be come moving day!

Make lists! Lists are a great way to keep track of everything. They can help you understand what your contents are, what box each belonging is packed in, and more. You can also create a checklist for moving out that includes any to-dos leading up to moving day to help you stay on track. You just need to be sure you can keep track of the lists!

Draft a schedule! Create a schedule of tasks and deadlines for what needs doing. The most important thing will probably be moving day so narrow that down first. Then work backwards from that date for everything else that needs doing.

Book as soon as possible! Once you know your moving date, book anything you might need such as professional movers or a moving truck. These kinds of things get booked up quickly so you’ll want to do it as far in advance as you can. Don’t get caught on moving day without what you need for a smooth and successful move. Look into booking early and you’ll have a wider selection to find what fits with your budget and needs!

Summer may be the best time for a move but it’s also the busiest! A good tip for moving in the summer is to plan your move for a weekday. These days are traditionally less busy and cheaper for moving. As well, you’ll avoid any weekend road closures and general traffic typical of the summer months. Also be sure to avoid moving on long weekends as you’ll most likely have to take detours around traffic jams.

Make time for fun! Moving can be a daunting task and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Among the hours of packing and organizing, be sure to schedule some breaks and time for you. These breaks will allow you to recharge and be that much more efficient when it’s time to get back to work.

Get an early start on moving day! While snow doesn’t pose a problem during a summer move, the sun and heat sure do! Start moving things as early as you can on the day of your move. The morning will be cooler than the afternoon so plan to spend most of your necessary outdoor time during these hours. When it’s sweltering in the afternoon, you can be inside your new home organizing and arranging your belongings.

Protect against the heat! Keep in mind the heat depending on the day you’re moving. Have plenty of water on hand and take frequent breaks. Take care of anyone involved including professional movers, children, or pets. Wear proper clothing and use sun protection when necessary. It’s also a good idea to bring a cooler to keep bottled water and other perishables cool throughout the day!

Schedule help for your loved one’s move! Maybe you’re not the one moving but your loved one in a different city is. It can be difficult to coordinate and help with a move for a loved one when you’re in different areas. Goshenite Seniors Services offers transition and relocation services that can help with this! Their goal is to educate their clients about all of the options that are available to them in their community during the transition process. They can coordinate all aspects of the transition process including transition and relocation planning, move management, liaison of services, management and coordination of content and estate sales, and cleaning services once the home or apartment is vacated.

Goshenite Seniors Services can answer any questions you might have about the particular situation of your loved one and will create a detailed plan that accommodates any specific needs. They make the moving and transition process personalized, easy, and efficient!

Summer is the time to move! If you plan and budget using our tips and tricks, you’ll have a happy and successful move. Start preparing for your move early, plan for the heat, and you’ll be well on your way to a great summer move!