As we enter into retirement, we ought to be preparing ourselves for a time of transition – the day to day responsibilities of working or raising families are behind us, and well-earned relaxation, freedom, and enjoyment ought to be before us. However, being so used to being busy, many of us have trouble giving ourselves that space, especially at home!

Radika is no slouch – like so many of us, she appreciates having a home that is clean, neat, and orderly. But like so many of us, too, she was finding that her body was no longer up to the daily tasks of keeping her home in-shape, as much as she wished it was!

“I couldn’t really do anything for myself,” Radika recalls. “I couldn’t even put my socks on.”

At the same time, Radika realised that there was no point in pushing herself into cleaning her home if it truly is a chore for her – much less stress about it in her retirement. Her solution? A homemaking service.

“She makes my room look beautiful… she helps me feel comfortable in my bedroom,” Radika relates. Her satisfaction with her services comes from the fact that she sought out a service specifically tailored to respect the lifestyle of older adults – in her case, Waterloo Region’s Community Support Connections.

“She doesn’t make me look like I’m an invalid, that I can’t do this, or that I’m lazy. … She understands, and she does it pleasantly, with a smile.”

Freed from the burden of having to intensively clean her home, Radika has given herself the space to spend her time on what is truly important for her. And along the way, her homemaker has become something much more.

“To me, and to her, it doesn’t feel like a job. She’s helping a friend out cleaning. That’s what she’s like.”

But don’t take our word for it: Hear from Radika herself!