Here at Amintro, we know bucket lists are a popular topic of conversation among our members. We believe that as an engAGEr, your bucket list is a fantastic way to engAGE with the world around you. We’re starting a monthly series where we list steps for how to check off the top items on our Amintronians’ bucket lists. This month, it’s all about travel! Here’s 5 helpful tips for finally booking (and being prepared for) that trip you’ve been waiting to take:


  • Plan, plan, plan. With the rise of social media over the past decade, spontaneous trips with minimal planning seem abundant and easy to do. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Planning everything for your trip including travel, accommodation, food, and sightseeing will allow you to enjoy your time without the added stress of unknowns. During the planning process, you’ll also realize what you need for each part of the trip, which will help during packing.


  • Book in advance. Flights, hotels, excursions, and many other aspects of your trip have the potential to sell out. Booking in advance guarantees you a spot and gives peace of mind leading up to the day you leave. You may get away with leaving some things for when you arrive at your destination depending on the time of year you travel. However, during the high tourist season, things will sell out and they’ll sell out fast, or what’s left will be charged at unrealistic rates.


  • Research your destination. With the internet, it’s easy to learn everything you might need to know about your travel destination! Know where you’re going and what you might need to pack for the climate, culture, and environment. Locations around the globe differ in rules and regulations and it’s important to know these beforehand. For example, Indonesia will not let you into the country if your passport expires within six months. It’s best to know this beforehand so you’re not stuck in an airport at customs.


  • Talk to a travel agent. Booking a trip by yourself can be daunting! There’s a lot to consider but a travel agent can help you with the planning of your trip. They can offer advice on destinations and plan travel itineraries including tours and dining reservations. They can also make travel arrangements for you including flights and car rentals. Travel agents often also know the best deals and can help with saving you some money on the trip. They don’t usually cost much but can be incredibly useful in planning your trip.


  • Prepare for everything. These days, you just never know what could happen on your trip. It’s important to consider everything you might need while abroad. This could mean packing extra clothing in your carry-on because your luggage could be lost for a day or two. Another idea is to print and download any reservations so that you have two copies in the event you can’t access one when you need it. You may want to bring extra medication in the event you can’t find it at the local pharmacy on your trip. Being prepared allows you to have a stress-free trip knowing that everything within your control is taken care of.


Following these tips will help you have a wonderful trip abroad! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pull out your bucket list to start planning that once-in-a-lifetime trip now!