Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and despite what advertising might tell us, it isn’t just about significant others. It’s a chance to show anyone who matters to you that you love and care about them! We have some ideas for how to show your friends you love them this Valentine’s Day.

Candy Grams

Candy grams are a great way to show someone you care about them when you’re not physically close. While distance makes the heart grow fonder, it can also cause friendships to drift apart. Show your long-distance best friend that you’re thinking of them by sending a candy gram such as a fruit platter or a flower bouquet.

Digital Photo Frame

Quite popular over this past holiday season, digital photo frames are one of the newest inventions for viewing photos. They look like regular frames but are digital, meaning they store a collection of photos that rotate throughout the day. Fill the frame with all your favourite photos of you and your friends! You can even add to the frame instantly by sending photos via WiFi as you make new memories.

A Handwritten Card

Adding a handwritten note to a card is a great way to personalize it. Write your friend a card detailing what you love about them. Telling a friend how much you care through words can have quite the impact. This is also another great option for long-distance friends since you can mail it to them!

Lunch Meet Up

Have you been so busy lately that you haven’t had time to spend with friends? How about meeting up for an hour or two for lunch? It doesn’t necessarily need to be anything fancy. What matters most is spending time together while enjoying a tasty meal. We suggest deciding on where you’re going in advance to make things easier!

Genuine Help

Sometimes, our friends need some extra help but are too shy to ask for it. Offer to help them with whatever it is they need assistance with, such as painting a room, cleaning windows, or even cooking a meal. And if you can’t provide the kind of help they’re looking for, Goshenite Seniors Services are experts in lifestyle transitions, homecare services, and healthcare navigation. They offer a variety of helpful services including downsizing, relocation, transportation, companionship, and more!

Baked Goods

Warm, ooey gooey, sugary sweet…is your mouth watering yet? Baked goods are a delectable way to show your friend how much you love them! You can choose to either bake their favourite treat or a variety of sweets. A cute idea is to follow the theme of Valentine’s Day by focusing on heart-shaped treats and red and pink dyes. They’ll be thinking of you each time they eat one of your delicious goods!

A Memory Book

Memory books come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a scrapbook of your years as friends, a specially designed photo book featuring your silliest moments, or even a photo album of tickets from all the concerts and events you’ve been to together. However you choose to showcase your friendship, your friend is sure to enjoy reliving the memories!

Personalized Playlist

Creating a personalized playlist full of songs that remind you of your friend is easier than you might think! The best way to do it is to create the playlist through a music streaming platform. Find all your songs and put them into one playlist, sharing it with your friend. Many platforms even allow you to add collaborators to personal playlists, giving your friend the ability to add their own songs. Don’t have access to a streaming platform? You can also create a list of songs in a document and personalize it to your friend so that they can reference it as your friendship playlist.