Although being bared-faced at home while video-calling may seem like the norm, there are some times where you could do with a little perking-up. Whether you’re behind the screen to meet your nephew’s new girlfriend, holding a work interview with a potential new candidate, or simply catching up with your old gal pals who’d like to see how you’re doing, most video call occasions just call for looking a little nicer so that you feel even better. As reuniting over the phone may be our reality for a little longer, mastering a natural makeup look that’s acceptable every day at home is a good idea.

Here’s a minimal makeup look that’ll guarantee to have you looking good in every video call, no matter what time in the AM or PM it is. Just a tinge of makeup will do, so all you need is to grab a handful of products, set aside ten minutes, and follow these steps!

9 Simple Makeup Steps for Any Video Call

     1. Prep Your Skin

Skincare makes a huge difference when giving your skin that suppleness and radiance that can be seen on camera. Don’t skip out on that creamy moisturizer and glow-boosting Vitamin C serum that gives your skin the love it needs before the makeup! You might want to even give your skin a little facial massage before you start. If you haven’t already, check out our article on a Gua Sha DIY facial massage for some major skin benefits.

     2. Go for Some Sheer Coverage

If you have to stick to your go-to foundation, then go for it! For a more natural look though, we recommend a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, which provides a more sheer coverage minus the cakiness. Since, the webcam already blurs your skin, just evening out the tone a little with these sheer formulas, while adding some color will do the trick!

     3. Brighten Up Those Gorgeous Eyes

Haven’t been getting enough sleep? Or, like some of us, stuck with permanent shadows under our eyes. Nothing a little concealer can’t fix! Always stick to one that’s either the same shade as your skin or a slightly lighter for some extra brightness under your eyes.

     4. Give Yourself Some Color

Bronzer is a great invention. It adds both color and dimension to your face, contouring it and making it look like you’ve just stepped back from a vacation. Since webcams tend to flatten out our face, and give it a dull, one-tone, lifeless appearance, bronzer can do wonders for your face! Brush a little bit of it under your cheekbones, on the top of your forehead and below your jawline for a chiseled effect.

     5. Blush and Highlight!

Blush also goes a long way in adding a little more life and freshness to your face. You can even add a little more than usual this time, since webcams tend to wash out color. Experiencing dry skin these days? Go for a cream blush. Next, add a pop of shimmer for a natural glow, by using highlighter for the top of your cheekbones. Although it’s usually recommended to pop a little bit on the top of your nose, avoid this, as it gives too much shine.

     6. Fill in the Blanks

Your brows, we mean. Fill in the sparse areas of your eyebrows by using a thin pencil or brow powder that matches your natural color. Your eyebrows can really frame and define your face, so you’ll want to take your time on this to achieve the desired shape. Hold them in place for those long calls with some brow gel.

     7. Give Your Lashes a Beautiful Flutter

If you don’t already have one, an eyelash curler is an absolute game-changer to have It opens your eyes up, making your eyelashes stand up and curl, rather than droop down. Once they’re curled, apply one or two generous coats of mascara. For an extra oomph, you can tightline, which is using a black or brown soft eye pencil to line the upper waterline of your eyelid. This gives your lashes a serious voluminous effect!

     8. Set Your Makeup

You don’t need to add any extra coverage, but it helps to set your foundation and concealer in the T-zone, since webcams make the center of your face look shiny, and flatten out the rest of it. A light, translucent powder will get the job done! Remember, focus on using it to remove shine and the greasy appearance on your face where you don’t want it.

     9. Pucker Up!

You’re almost ready! Finish off the look by lining your lips with a natural shade of lip liner that almost perfectly matches your own color. You can lightly fill in your lips with the same liner for a more natural look, or choose a clear or lightly pigmented lip-gloss for some plumping and hydration. Giving some life to your lips alone is important, and would still make you look awake, even if you were to skip some of the previous steps above!