The way you dress can reveal a lot about your personality. Not only do your clothes help you express yourself and the way you feel, they can actually even help you feel better! Some say your eyes are the windows to your soul, we say your style is! With your outfits playing such an important role in your confidence and self-expression, putting thought and effort into your style picks should not go unnoticed! Shopping, whether online or offline can be tricky and tedious though. The best way to start is to know what to avoid. That’s why we’ve made the job easier for you by putting together the most common fashion faux pas we as mature women should avoid!

1. Wearing all black

Although this fashion choice can make you appear slimmer, it can actually add years onto you. Wearing a harsh color such as black creates a lot of contrast to your skin, emphasizing fine lines and dark shadows on your face. Not to mention, sticking to all black clothing all the time gets a little, well…boring. If you do like to wear black and must do so, make sure to pair it with something brighter such as a red scarf or a yellow necklace. This will lessen the washed-out appearance. Alternatively, if you’re just a fan of neutrals, then why not opt for some other colors such as olive, gray or camel. They’re simple, yet flattering. Not slimming enough? Go for navy blue, deep maroon, or inky plum. They all do the same trick!

2. Covering up your neck

A lot of women tend to make the mistake of hiding behind turtlenecks or high-neck blouses to try and hide their necklines. You shouldn’t shy away, but rather flaunt it. Drawing attention to your décolletage, the area just above your collarbone actually adds youth to your look!

3. Jersey fabric

We know just how comfortable it is, but the problem with jersey fabric is that it clings to bulges. If you just can’t be without jerseys, try opting for a draped or ruched option that hugs your curves comfortably, and hides your bulges rather than exposing them. Ever heard of a double knitted jersey? The material is denser, and it has just a good amount of stretch. How about a tailored piece such as a sheath dress? It is forgiving and forges structure for the body at the same time.

4. Bulking up with a shapeless blazer

Don’t let it fool you! We’ve used the blazer trick to try covering up their arms, stomach, hips and more, but wearing a blazer actually adds weight to your body rather than hide it. Rather than going for a shapeless blazer, find a well-tailored jacket that flatters you by cinching at the waist is a little shorter. This creates a smooth visual line to your body, flattering your features overall.

5. Thick, heavy spectacles

As wearing glasses becomes an everyday thing to help our vision, choosing the appropriate pair to wear is crucial. We tend to gravitate towards the thicker bulkier frames, which are dark in color. This tends to again, emphasize shadows on your face including dark circles and fine lines. Why not steer clear of this fad, which is geared towards teens and youngsters who want to look more mature. Instead, add youth to your appearance by choosing eyewear that has a plastic frame and a little bit of embellishment to reflect light. Keep it classic by choosing lighter, more delicate frames. Moreover, neon colors or even just bright colors can brighten up your face and perk up your looks.

6. Platform shoes

They may have been all the rage back in the day, but trust us that you won’t really be doing yourself a favor by choosing this type of footwear today. Platform shoes add a ton of weight to the lower portion of a woman’s body and if the top half isn’t balanced out, the disproportion can make you look frumpy. When in doubt, always opt for shoes with a pointed toe.

7. Extra-long hair

Although this isn’t a hard and fast rule, even hairstylists will advise that longer hair tends to thin out easily. As you get older, the thinning tends to increase as well, yikes! How about adding volume to your locks with a shorter cut? We’re not talking being very bold and going for a pixie cut right away, if you’re not comfortable. Consider beautiful layers to frame your face nicely and add texture to straggly strands. Avoiding a one-length haircut really can take a decade off of your looks. Look to Brooke Shields and Sarah Jessica Parker for a bit of inspiration on layered haircuts.

Figuring out fashion do’s and don’ts can be a challenge. We’ll keep you clued-in with everything you need to know to keep your style trendy and everything but boring! Start with avoiding the fashion mistakes above, and we promise, you’ll already have taken off years from your appearance!