It’s safe to say that the 21st century has definitely given us a blast from the past, with plenty coming back in style for us to enjoy, from music and movies to books and beauty looks. Perhaps our favourite category coming back in style would be…well, style! Yup, we really can’t get enough of all the classic fashion trends that some of us have rocked while strolling in the streets in the sweet summers of the ‘60s. That’s right, we’ve kept an eye out and seen that trends from the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s are all making a reappearance!

The best part? You might not have to buy anything as some or even all these items might be at the back of your closet. If not, it’s easy to rent, borrow or even find these stylish items at local thrift stores.  As usual, AMINTRO’s got your back, as we’ve taken notes to explore and fill you in on the top classic fashion trends that we love and that thankfully have made a comeback.

     1. Corduroy

Incredibly popular in the ‘70s, this textile was especially used for children’s clothing. Today, we’re really seeing it everywhere. From models to celebrities, there definitely has been no shortage in spotting someone rocking corduroy jackets, bottoms, skirts and handbags. It’s definitely a fashion staple.

     2. Silk Scarves

Silk scarves were a huge hit in the ‘50s and an even bigger hit today. This time though, we’re getting even more creative with it. These fashion items have been turned into tops, hair accessories and sometimes even a matching skirt and top. See if you can breathe new life into your old scarves, instead of throwing them out. Give it a try, you might really find it fun!

     3. Flared Pants

Who could forget this ‘70’s staple? We can’t tell you how glad we are that this looser-fitting, wide-leg pant style is finally back to stay in our closets! From jeans to silk-material flared pants, we’re loving it all. Even teens have been seen rocking these, not only at music festivals, but now, in everyday life too. While we really wouldn’t suggest throwing out your straight-leg and skinnier-fit pants, the return of the flared pants is something we’ve been seeing coming for a while.

Maybe you might not be too thrilled when picturing flower-child flares and “Saturday Night Fever” bell-bottoms, but before you cringe, we’re here to tell you how to pull off this trend for the 21st century. Pair these pants with a simple, tuck-in top that lets your shape shine. Celebrate your curves and enhance them, with a waist-cinching belt or a bodysuit that never budges to amplify the sleek shape of your look.

     4. Bum Bags

This accessory was incredibly popular back in the ‘80s and ‘90s and for a good reason. They did go out of fashion in the 2000s but are back again!  A hands-free accessory that conveniently lets you carry your belongings in a pouch around your waist, while on-the-go! We’re so glad that it provides us with such ease and convenience, as it’s becoming a staple in the fashion industry. You’ll even find designer ones at thrift stores or rent glamorous Gucci bum bags from sites such as The Volte, to be able to stand out for a specific event. Think about it… instead of purchasing an expensive piece to wear once or twice, you can just borrow it for a fraction of the price!

     5. Biker Shorts

Talk about breathing new life into old things! This piece of clothing was popular back in the ‘80s and 90’s and now is coming back as a super hot trend in fashion. Biker shorts really are having their moment as the biggest fashion influencers and celebrities today, including Kim Kardashian West have been seen strutting the streets, wearing these with oversized shirts, sweaters and chunky sneakers. You can pull off this look today in the summer by pairing these comfortable pants with a loose, airy T-shirt and sneakers or footwear of your choice.

     6. Puffy Sleeves

This one dates all the way back to the late 1800s, but is not by any means less stylish. Puffy sleeves worn in the 21st century are a lot more elegant and modern. You’ll see them giving a sophisticated look when paired with high-waisted skirts and flared pants. Why not polish your own look by adding these for your next dinner outfit? If you do decide to opt for a puffy-sleeve, do try to look for a good quality one from a sustainable brand. This will ensure that it lasts you for a much longer time.

     7. Mom Jeans

You’re going to love this one! Think high-waisted but loose-fitting jeans with a tapered fit around the ankle. While they were popular in the ‘90’s, we believe they’ve made an even stronger comeback in the 21st century with even more ways to style them. There’s just something so cool about rocking a pair of mom jeans. Find them at thrift stores, which will help reduce waste, plus pair them with boots and belts for a really effortless look!