6 Women Over 50 With Insanely Good Style

In the realm of fashion, these days, it seems that the spotlight is focused and glaring on the youth and the looks they are sporting. At Amintro, we believe that fashion should be celebrated at every age. Move over, millennials! We have a list of six older women that might give Kendall Jenner a run for her money!

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are definitely many more women with style that can be spotted on a catwalk (maybe yourself included)! However, we know that these six style makers can give every one of us a bit of inspiration and teach us more about our own fashion preferences. Following their fashion journeys may be just what we need to add a little more zest to our wardrobes!

 1.  Vera Wang @verawang

vera wang in shorts and sunglasses

Vera Wang, famous for her couture wedding dress designs, is an American fashion designer. She’s dressed celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey on their big day. What we love about her fashion ideas is that she believes that her designs need to be practical as well as look great. She says ‘it has to be one a bride can dance in’ when dishing out about wedding dress designs.

The reason she carries this perspective is due to all the years she spent dancing and skating. Perhaps her active younger years have kept her so healthy and youthful. At 70, she has gone viral on Twitter, after posting some pictures of her posing at home casually lounging in an orange sports bra and shorts. “Tell us where the fountain of youth is!” fans tweeted to her. After seeing this image of her,  we’d like to know too! She doesn’t shy away from regularly sharing snaps of her fashion-forward outfits.

2.  Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

Her Instagram account boasts an impeccable modern style. This 63-year old struts confidently in her eye-catching and quirky pieces, with a way of careful styling that never makes her outfits seem over-the-top. You can describe it as urban-chic, as her fashion inspires all ages, proving that combining comfort with your own personal touch never goes out of style.

Lyn has started her own blog called Accidental Icon, which she quotes “is for women who lead interesting but ordinary lives”. She also currently works as a professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service.

3.  Sophie Fontanel @sophiefontanel

Sophie, an influencer on Instagram, and a journalist and style critic for Parisian publication L’Orbs epitomizes that distinctly French fashion of looking effortlessly good all the time. Her personal style can be described as playful and whimsical, with outfits mostly made up of vintage treasures. She whirls colors together in the most unexpected of ways, combining different proportions and seamlessly layering oversized fits, wearing sneakers with fancier outfits, making even leopard prints look casual!

4.  Yasmin Furmie @yasminfurmie

What isn’t inspiring about this social worker-turned designer, now co-founding SiSi, a collection of cool and original shirts. Yasmin inspires us with her interesting twists and mixes of prints and proportions. She’s daring enough to combine different pieces without hesitation, mixing and matching with utmost boldness. While many think that chunky footwear is reserved for energetic teens, Yasmin shows us that you can rock a pair of flashy sneakers at any age. Her Instagram bio jovially exclaims “Never act your age!”, and one look at her quirky, offbeat style tells us why she says so! There is a radiance that emanates from Yasmin, through her sense of style and the way she carries herself with arty textiles and courageous colors.

5.  Sarah Jane Adams @sarahmaijewels

A professional jeweler, Sarah simply started out by spending years searching through markets around the world with curiosity, collecting lovely little trinkets before she decided to settle in Australia and start her own collection, Saramai Jewels. Initially, she took little steps in showcasing and expressing her eccentric style on Saramai Jewels’ dedicated Instagram page. She used the age-positive hashtag #mywrinklesaremystripes on those pictures. Eventually, it evolved into her creating a secondary account solely to showcase herself and her life as a fashionista. Her use of color and combination of prints and textures are electrifying, adventurous and eye-catching. She is fearless when it comes to experimenting with bold bohemian accents and loud, splashy hues. There is a sense of adventure found when scrolling through her Instagram feed, which is a curated blend of flea-market finds and unique clothing pieces collected from far-away lands.

6.  Grece Ghanem @greceghanem

Racking a whopping 250 thousand followers on Instagram and being an influencer partner for major brands such as Sephora and Club Monaco was unexpected dreams-come-true, for Grece Ghanem, a personal trainer based in Montréal, who only started style-blogging as a humble hobby shared with her daughter.

Her sense of style is both trendy and timeless. One look at the collection of her outfits will have you wanting to try looks you swore you’d never be seen in! Be it leopard print pants and a puffer jacket, or a blue floral high-neck with lime-green floral flares, Grece makes everything look natural and nice.