Being locked down at home all day can have us feeling like there are too many hours in a day, with not enough to do. With all this ample time on our hands, it seems fitting to make the most of the situation and give ourselves a little love and care, which will not only relax and ease the nerves, but will go a long way in giving our looks a boost! With all the salons and manicurists taking a break, it’s time to take beauty matters into our own hands. Yes- there’s no better time to develop a pamper evening routine, to have once every week- or well, however often you want- why not? You have all the time in the world now!

1. Sugar Scrub, Made with Love

First things first, beauty is skin deep and there’s no better way to take care of yourself than by taking care of your skin. Want your body to glow after quarantine? Show your skin some love by giving it a special scrub hand-made with love by yourself! Just some raw sugar and olive oil or coconut oil will do the trick. Add a drop or two of some essential oils if you’re feeling generous. Aromatherapy always sets a good mood! When you’re ready with this concoction, use circular motions to scrub away dead skin and focus on dry areas like elbows and knees. When you slip away into a bath to remove the scrub, you’ll be able to reveal new, soft and supple skin. Don’t forget to moisturize later!

2. Nourish Your Locks

Don’t forget that your hair needs some loving too! Turn your dry and damaged hair into luscious locks with some nourishing coconut or olive oil. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can even whip these up into a hair mask using raw eggs! Trust us, your hair will be thanking you later! Keep this on for at least half an hour while soaking yourself in a bath. When you’re done, spritz on the shower and wash it off thoroughly. Shampoo and condition as usual.

3. Soak Up in a Tub

There’s no better way to unwind than by turning on the faucet and getting into a warm bathtub. Wanna know a great trick? Adding some Epsom salts in your bath can help create the perfect detox bath. These remove toxins from the body and provide amazing benefits including improving your health, relieving stress, assisting in weight loss and even treating constipation. Turn the relaxation up a notch by using lavender or eucalyptus essential oils for some aromatherapy!

4. Mask-Up

No, not that kind of mask! Although covering your face seems to be the only precaution we’re hearing when stepping out of the house, being indoors calls for another type of masking. That is, a more relaxing one. The next step to enjoying a pamper evening at home is to put on a face mask to give your skin the loving it needs. There are various selections of masks, from moisturizing sheet masks (popular in Korean skincare regimen), to clay masks which will unclog and bring up all the impurities in your skin to the surface.

5. Give Yourself a Miracle Manicure!

Start by soaking your nails in a dish of olive oil for a few minutes to up to 20 minutes. This will strengthen and moisturize your nails, plus olive oil is very easily absorbed. After rinsing it off, trim them neatly and then file them in one direction (filing in both directions will cause damage and can stunt nail growth). Your nails are now ready for a clear coat of nail polish, to protect and prepare them for the next coat. Apply your favorite color, or one that suits your current mood, and finish off with a clear coat to add a glossy finish and shine. Just as good as visiting the salon isn’t it?

6. Tea time!

After you’re done giving your skin, hair and body all the pampering it needs, don’t stop there. Treat yourself to a nice cup of warm tea to end the night. Our favorite? Chamomile! This tea does wonders to help ease your muscles, relax and doze off soundly when it’s time for some shut-eye. Curl up with a good book in your comfiest pajamas or turn the TV on and catch up with your favorite flicks. Make sure to indulge in your dinner in bed, you deserve it!