Twenty-five tech start-ups from across the country have been selected for the Fierce Founders Bootcamp, culminating in the chance to pitch for $100,000.

While building Amintro, the social platform designed exclusively for those fifty plus, Charlene Nadalin joined Communitech, an organization that helps tech companies start, grow and succeed. However, she found more than business expertise and guidance, she found a community.

We caught up with our Founder and CEO to discuss her experience with Communitech and the Fierce Founders Program.

“I’ve been building a network to help those fifty plus connect socially. The point of Amintro is to make friends and lead a more socially engaged life. However, being an entrepreneur, especially in the early stages, it can get quite lonely. You’re isolated because you don’t have an office or co-workers yet, it’s just you,” says Nadalin.

However, Communitech changed all that.

“My experience with Communitech has been phenomenal. They are made up of such a dynamic and diverse group of individuals from all walks of careers and expertise, they’re truly passionate about helping entrepreneurs,” says Nadalin.

As part of the Communitech organization Nadalin learned of the Fierce Founders Bootcamp and applied for a spot. The competition was tough, only twenty-five female tech entrepreneurs would be selected from across the country. Amintro was one of them.

The bootcamp is a fast-paced program with entrepreneurs receiving hands-on mentorship from experts in the field. At the end, the best companies will earn the chance to pitch for $100,000 to invest in their business.

The Fierce Founders Bootcamp is an intense program, however, comradery is engrained in the culture. “As the name states, this is a bootcamp. There is intense learning, there was a three hour series on pitching to investors. They have experts lined up for us to speak with about legal issues, trademarks, accounting, tax, marketing, and sales and business development,” says Nadalin.

She also notes the lunches, dinners, and bonding that was encouraged between the participants. “Although we are ultimately competing against each other for $100,000, that hasn’t stopped any one of us from actively encouraging each other and working together to improve each other’s ventures.”

Being a part of such a cohesive community has inspired Nadalin to pass on her experiences in the hopes of helping other entrepreneurs bring their businesses to market.

“Find a RIC (Research, Innovation, Commercialization) Community near you. Communitech is where I ended up and the resources that it opened up for me are astounding. I had access to MaRS Discovery District’s Market Intelligence Service. Research like this can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but because of Communitech, I was able to obtain the data I needed free of charge.”

As part of this program Amintro has also received a custom pitch deck template thanks to Thomson Reuters Canada.

Amintro is fortunate to be a part of this program, and to be a member of Communitech. Part 1 of the Fierce Founders Bootcamp ended on Jan. 11, however part 2 is coming up Feb. 13-15, and will include final pitches for the grand prize.