As the summer stretches out before us our thoughts turn to all those activities we dreamed about during our working years. Remember those days? You planned to golf, to hike the Machu Picchu, perhaps even take a cycling tour of the Tuscan wine region of Italy. Well now you’re here my fellow Amintronians. You’ve worked hard, now it’s time to play hard. After all, you planned for this time. You’re in the PRIME of life, with friends you’ve made along the way, including the new friends you’ve met through Amintro. So – now it’s time to get out and enjoy life – on your terms!

Get Active – Get Golfing!

Whether you’ve played golf your whole life and just want to improve or you are looking to start up a retirement activity without a whole lot of investment, golf is for you. It’s an absolutely perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors – and visit with friends! Walking the course instead of choosing a cart makes for some excellent physical exercise and if walking just 30 minutes a day is considered good cardiovascular exercise, just think what walking 18 holes will do. If you are new to the game, most facilities offer rental equipment so you can play a few rounds before you commit and if you’re a seasoned veteran, considering upping your game with a golf trip to some of the “best of the best” courses around the world. Always wanted to emulate the “Masters?” If you are here in North America, Georgia isn’t that far away and South Carolina is known for great golfing. For fans of the game Trivial Pursuit, a country drive through the hills of Caledon, Ontario will place you at The Devil’s Pulpit or The Devil’s Paintbrush, founded by the games creators Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. How about playing the game on the soil where it originated in Scotland? With courses across just about every country around the world, golf is the perfect pastime to while away the hours wherever you are. For anyone who’s wondering about me, you’ll either find me at “the 19th hole” or whacking away at the %*$&@% white ball in a sand trap! Mini-putt is more my style – I love me a good game of tapping a tiny ball into the mouth of a ‘gator on top of a jungle-themed fake mountain in Florida!

Cycling for Seniors!

If you’re familiar with the Nat King Cole classic, “A Bicycle Built for Two,” hum along with me as talk all things cycling related. A bicycle built for two might actually be just the thing to get you moving again if it has been awhile. Sturdy, and built for comfort not speed, if you haven’t been on a bicycle in awhile, tagging along with a more secure rider might be just the thing to reintroduce you to biking. Bikes for two are also ideal for short jaunts exploring while on holidays in unfamiliar territory or for someone recovering from an injury but looking to get active again. Heck – they are even a good idea for that wine tour through Tuscany provided the cyclist up front is the “designated driver!”

Speaking of Cycling and Tours…..

Single senior riders abound these days. Cycling is an excellent way to stay fit and active and let’s face it, cycling is just a little easier on the joints than a fitness program like jogging. It’s excellent cardiovascular exercise without stress and on a beautiful summer day you can cover a lot of miles and see a lot of scenery along the way. Many tour providers offer a variety of cycling tours from beginners to advanced and from European River Tours to yes, a Tuscan Wine Tour and just about everything in between.  There are travel companies that specialize in these types of tours offering customized maps, places to stay and both guided and self-guided tours. If you are just into cycling to stay in shape that’s great too! Most communities across North America offer safe places to cycle, many have bike lanes and bike paths for your exclusive use and why not plan a picnic or to stop for a beverage along the way? After all – it’s summertime, you are in your PRIME and there’s no better time to “Get Rolling!”

Swimming, Kayaking, Hiking and More – Get front and centre with Nature!

Here’s another suggestion that’s great for keeping fit AND gentle on those who might have a bit of arthritis or joint pain. Swimming! In addition to simply being great exercise, it’s an activity that can be done just about anywhere with access to condominium indoor pools, outdoor pools, community and recreation centre pools, your backyard and lakes, seas, rivers and oceans if you are lucky enough to have one nearby! There’s also kayaking and canoeing. This is an activity that’s calm, peaceful and yet also a great opportunity to work out those biceps, triceps and even your core/abdomen muscles. You might even think about paddle boarding – it covers everything a boat does AND demands balance, core strength and leg muscles too. As for hiking – you may not choose to walk the Himalayas but local hills, trails and valleys are just the ticket for a great day outdoors, some mild to moderate cardiovascular exercise and another opportunity to commune with nature. Pretty much all you’ll need is a sturdy set of hiking shoes, a walking stick and a backpack with water and perhaps a light snack or picnic lunch. Simply stunning scenery is everywhere across North America, get out there and explore! Finally, if water or walking aren’t your thing, or you need something a bit gentler, Yoga will incorporate a lot of the same muscle groups (as boating) into your exercise routine without potentially costly equipment or stress on your joints.

There really is something for everyone and whether you want to invest in some equipment, be it a yoga mat or a set of golf clubs or simply rent, borrow a bike from a friend or sign up for a tour where everything is provided for you – choosing an activity that is both great exercise and enjoyable too is the right thing to do! You’re in the PRIME of life, it’s summer time and it’s time to get outside and make the most of this adventure called “The Senior Years!”