It’s finally August and something you might not know is that August has several national food days! These foods are your average, beloved foods around the world. We’re here to shake things up a bit and show you ways to change these regular foods into something a little different!

August 4th is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! And while everyone loves the classic chocolate chip cookie, we have several ways for you to change it up to make it even more decadent. Chocolate is a perfect pairing for many different flavours. Try adding in other ingredients with the chocolate chips like nuts, dried fruits, or other kinds of chocolate.

You could also try jumping on a new trend by stuffing your cookies with nut butters, marshmallow fluff, or fruit spreads. Put your stuffing of choice in the centre of your cookie balls when baking and you’ll have a beautiful cookie with a divine centre. Another option is to blend your cookie with other baked goods such as other kinds of cookies, brownies, or squares. You can create a whole new hybrid cookie of your favourite flavours!

Who doesn’t love waffles on a Sunday morning? August 24th is National Waffle Day and they can be enjoyed in both sweet and savoury ways! Waffles are the perfect vessel for just about anything. You can keep it more traditional by putting any kind of fruit or spread on top paired with a nut butter to make a pb&j. Make your waffle savoury by using avocado or guacamole and a runny egg with a little hot sauce for a kick! Waffles can be used in place of buns for burgers or other sandwiches like a grilled cheese or BLT.

If you make your waffles at home using a waffle iron, try adding different ingredients to your batter like broccoli, cheddar cheese, or even corn! Cottage cheese blew up on social media this year and makes a tasty, savoury addition to many foods, including the waffle. Add some cucumber and a little balsamic drizzle to make it more substantial.

Fajitas are an easy weeknight meal idea for busy families and single people alike! With National Fajita Day on August 18th, why not shake things up and use novel ingredients in your fajitas? Substitute your meat for buffalo chicken and make your fajitas spicy! Do a spin on a cheeseburger and use ground beef or steak strips, onions, and pickles. You could also try using different spice combinations in your fajitas instead of just the standard seasoning. You might just come up with something extraordinary!

The beloved potato, so simple yet so delicious! August 19th marks National Potato Day and there are endless ways to spruce them up! Use a cheese grater and make a breakfast hash using grated potatoes sauteed in a pan with onions, peppers, scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and a dollop of sour cream on top. Sliced potatoes make a great substitute for nacho chips and often hold up better with all the toppings. Create a “holiday” sandwich and use a thin layer of mashed potatoes along with turkey, cranberry, and gravy. It’s sure to make you feel festive!

Mashed potato bowls are a fan favourite and you can create all different ones like a burrito bowl or a fried chicken bowl. Try adding cubed potatoes roasted in the oven to a salad. They provide a nice crunch! Use a baked potato and top it with virtually anything you want such as baked beans, tuna salad, mac and cheese, or pulled pork!

Just because a food is well-known doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Try one of our suggestions above and mix your regular recipe up a little. You might just discover a new household favourite!