Looking to get out and be social? Want a fun activity to try? We’ve got you covered with our monthly activity article.

Each month we will highlight a different activity or event for grown-ups to get out and try. The idea is to get a group of people together to socialize, have fun, and try something new.

April showers bring May flowers… well, Spring has started a bit late in most places this year, but May is still the perfect time to get those gardening gloves on. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting out, your local horticultural society has a lot to offer.

gardening, public garden, friendsBeing a part of a horticultural society gets you out in the community. These organizations contribute their time and love of the outdoors by helping maintain public flower beds and planters, tending gardens at libraries and retirement homes, and assist in restoring and naturalizing rivers, creeks and roadsides. They also have an active events calendar that includes seed sharing, plant sales, symposiums, workshops and more.

Gardeners of all levels are welcome, and there are many local chapters across the country. You can choose to become a member or a volunteer, either way, you will get to participate in and learn more about an activity you enjoy while socializing with like-minded people.

A simple search of horticultural society should find one in your area. If there isn’t one, however, you are always welcome to start your own. You can find others in your community who share your interest in gardening through Amintro, the social app designed exclusively for those 50 plus looking to live a more socially engaged life.

There are many benefits to gardening; it keeps you active and fit – in fact, research has found that those who gardened at least once a week showed higher bone density than those who did other forms of exercise – it stimulates the mind, reduces stress, and gives you a good dose of vitamin N (nature). Now combine that with social inclusion and friendships, and you have a pastime worth pursuing.

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By Christine Tompa

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