Looking to get out and be social? Want a fun activity to try? Hello November!

The temperature is just right, the scenery is beautiful, it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. And while walking and hiking are great options, why not try something new?

Nordic walking, also known as pole walking, is like cross-country skiing without the skis. A fantastic, low-impact workout, it actually burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking. And if that wasn’t enough reason to give it a try, here are a few more great facts.

  1. The poles offer support and offload weight from the hips and knees. This allows walkers to go further, faster, and possibly pain-free for those with joint issues (or knee or hip replacements).
  2. It is an all-over workout. Each time you push off with the poles your abs tighten. It also helps sculpt arms and shoulders.
  3. The poles tighten the upper back muscles every time you press down on them.
  4. The force with which you press down on the poles can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.
  5. Being active and utilizing 90% of your muscles helps balance your blood sugar levels.

Join a pole walking club or make a date to get out with friends. Enjoy the scenery, have a chat, and get a workout in all at the same time. Social, fun and good for you, we hope you’ll give it a try.