It’s already June and Father’s Day is coming up fast! It’s the perfect opportunity to get Dad a little something special. Dads can be tricky to shop for but we’ve got a great list of ideas. We’ve come up with a list of 12 meaningful gifts for Dad, with a wide range of budgets and themes. Check out our list below!

  1. A new device like a phone or a laptop. While this gift may seem a little left field, it’s actually quite meaningful. Dad may not be able to afford it for himself or may simply think it’s not a need. But purchasing Dad a device can be incredibly helpful and encourages him to stay connected with family and friends. Dad can use the new device to call, text, or video call regularly with the whole family!
  2. A new mug with something nice on the side. You can either go to the store and buy a pre-made mug or go to pottery painting and make Dad a mug. Find a mug with something nice on the side that reminds you of him and he’ll be sure to think of you every morning when he drinks his cup of joe.
  3. Something homemade. You may think this is limited to children but parents appreciate homemade gifts at any age. The care and time that goes into making something special for Dad will make him feel all the love from you. As long as it’s meaningful to you, it’ll be meaningful to him!
  4. An afternoon out and about! Maybe your dad isn’t able to get out anymore like he used to. Goshenite Seniors Services has a Driving Seniors Companionship Program, where they provide driving services for seniors living alone and who no longer drive. Goshenite Seniors Services is passionate about keeping the Greater City of Sudbury accessible to everyone with safe and courteous transportation! With the right planning, they can drive your dad to a community or family event. Don’t worry about Dad being alone on Father’s Day. Leave the transportation up to Goshenite Seniors Services and spend the afternoon out with him at an enjoyable event!
  5. Something personalized. These days, you can truly personalize anything. You name it, you can probably personalize it! Getting something engraved or stitched is a great way to personalize something for Dad. It makes that item that much more special when it’s made just for him.
  6. An activity to do together like a building set or a puzzle. Why not give Dad an evening together? Give him an activity that you can do with him like a building set or a puzzle. It’ll feel like you’re playing together again and just having fun with each other. The building sets can sometimes add up in cost whereas puzzles can typically be found for pretty cheap with options for every skill level.
  7. An outdoor activity! Get Dad outside to do something fun together! Buy a game to play outside together like a ball to toss back and forth or a frisbee. Getting some physical activity together outside while playing a fun game is a great gift for Dad and his health.
  8. Arrange for a Care Companion! If you and other family members aren’t able to be with Dad on Father’s Day, why not set up a Care Companion with Goshenite Seniors Services? Care Companions can do a variety of activities with Dad, like enjoying the outdoors by taking him fishing down at Ramsey Lake in Sudbury!
  9. Some clothes he’s been needing or wanting. While some Dads are really into clothes and fashion, others are not. And it can be incredibly thoughtful to buy Dad some new clothes he’s been wanting or needing, especially when he won’t go out and get them himself. Pick a few pieces that are in the right size and style. Be sure to grab a gift receipt just in case Dad needs to exchange them!
  10. Something he’s been needing for a while for a project. A crafty or handy Dad often needs materials for whatever new thing he’s working on. Get him that thing he’s been needing or if you’re unsure of what exactly he needs, head to the store with him.
  11. A subscription of some sort. Subscription services are becoming the new norm for just about everything. Grab Dad a subscription to whatever he’s interested in. It’s a treat for Dad if he doesn’t usually have access to something. It’s also a great way to test something out and if Dad enjoys it, renew it for him the next Father’s Day!
  12. A gift card for a store or service. If you’re not sure what to get Dad, grab him a gift card and let him pick out something special! Goshenite Seniors Services also has gift cards for any of their services such as Transportation, Care Companions, Advanced Footcare, and Residential Cleaning.

We hope our list of meaningful gift ideas helps you think of what to get Dad this Father’s Day! Get Dad something meaningful and special and he’s sure to love it. Happy Father’s Day to you and yours and cheers to Dads everywhere!