Who and what is Amintro? We are a social media platform promoting healthy, active aging and the inclusion of seniors and older adults in creating the kind of lifestyle they want to live and on their own terms! We are a unique brand that is focussed on uniting stakeholders behind a common vision: to improve the health and quality of life of seniors – and those who know, love and care for them. No one knows seniors better than we do and if you want to know more about how to encourage your parents or loved ones to become a part of the Amintro family, we’ve got everything you need to know right here in this blog. Amintro is specifically designed for the 50+ consumer, is free (yes, free) and is the platform of choice for older adults who are sick and tired (only figuratively) of being labelled literally “sick and tired.” If you want to help Mom and Dad live a life that matters, that is meaningful and on their own terms – Amintro is for them – and for you!

No Gimmicks Here

Founder and CEO Charlene Nadalin is the daughter of a healthy, active senior, fully qualified in advanced neo-natal midwifery, who was widowed young. She watched a vibrant, intelligent and involved woman become more socially isolated and lonely and vowed to do something about it. As a result, Amintro was born with its sole purpose to act as a social impact enterprise designed specifically for seniors to get engaged: with others by making new friends; with the world by learning about travel, wellness, community building, healthy aging, for attending events both online and in person and maybe even for learning new skills too! There is no other angle to Amintro other than providing a safe platform for mature adults and those who love them to meet up, make friends, and live life! Like we said in our opening paragraph, Amintro is free, our Get Social e-magazine is free, our lifestyle events are free. Did we mention FREE? There are no gimmicks here and no secret agendas. Mom and Dad won’t be inundated with advertising and our membership lists are never for sale.

What We Offer

Amintro is a recognized industry leader in providing a safe space for seniors to engage, connect, learn and grow. At Amintro they find like-minded people interest in pursuing shared interests, similar past experiences and who want to meet up with people who have the same future aspirations. Making new friends that share the same heritage language, hope to check every item off their bucket list during the retirement years or who are simply looking for someone to attend yoga class or grab a coffee with, whatever it is your parent is looking for, chances are we have it here at Amintro. On a regular basis, together with some of our partners, we offer fun webinar content or “Lunch and Learn” sessions like our recent Wine and Cheese event where attendees learned how to style a fabulous charcuterie board while enjoying a beverage.  We are the home of interesting and relevant articles about aging, travel, wellness, retirement focussed financial planning and many other topics, all available in our Get Social e-magazine which your loved ones would have access to upon registering. We even have a newsletter distributed regularly that you may wish to receive in your own inbox to help keep you up to date with Amintro happenings, so you can send personal reminders and/or gently nudge a reluctant loved one to find out more about our upcoming events. Visit https://app.amintro.com/ if you think this is a good idea!

Did You Know?

The World Health Organization (WHO) in conjunction with the United Nations has declared 2021 through 2030 The Decade of Healthy Aging. It’s a global collaboration that recognizes the importance of reducing social isolation in seniors, encouraging older adults to create and maintain relationships, to stay fit, eat well and age well. Amintro is poised and ready with a platform that facilitates all this and more. Whether you are 50+ and love an older senior, or thinking about and planning for your own retirement and future, consider an Amintro membership to stay on top of all the latest developments AND to make new friends!

Be a part of what’s happening at Amintro or enroll your parents so they can! Visit our website and explore. We think you’ll agree, everyone at every age and stage of life is interested in living a healthy, active lifestyle. The urge to stay involved in community, to live life to the fullest and to enjoy the retirement years DOESN’T END just because we’ve turned a certain age. Rather – the truth is – we need to ALL approach life as if there is no finish line! Encourage your loved ones today to join a community of friends at Amintro.