It’s May, which means Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Maybe you’ve been planning something special for a while or you’re scouring the internet for that perfect something for Mom. Show Mom how much you love and appreciate her with our ideas for how to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day!

Take Mom out for a special evening and do something of her choosing! This could include going out to her favourite restaurant, to the movies, or even to the museum. Do anything that Mom wants to do!

Have a little getaway with Mom! Spend an afternoon somewhere else like in a nearby town or city. It’s always fun to go away and explore somewhere new. Mom will appreciate getting out and spending quality time with you.

Plan a full day of Mom’s favourite things! Start by taking Mom to have her favourite meal, followed up with her favourite activity. Whatever her favourites are, plan an entire day around them and give Mom an incredible itinerary that she’s sure to love!

Spend quality time together! Spend time with Mom cooking a beautiful meal together while reminiscing about old memories. Spend the morning at a fitness class or the afternoon at an art class. Any way you choose to spend quality time together, Mom will appreciate it in the hustle and bustle of life.

Plan a weekend getaway for Mom with friends or family! Sometimes, all Mom really needs is a weekend away. Plan a trip for her with friends or family and send her on her way! She’ll enjoy all of the stressful details being taken care of.

Take care of any cleaning chores or to-dos for Mom that week! Taking these mundane tasks off Mom’s list will give her time to decompress, relax, and focus on herself.

Sometimes, Mom can’t do cleaning chores as easily as she once did. This is where Goshenite Seniors Services can help! They provide home care services, which include housekeeping. Goshenite Seniors Services understands that individuals want to remain at home as long as possible and their services make this a reality. They create an individual and specific care plan that is geared towards optimal health and wellness at home. Don’t just go and help Mom out with a week’s worth of chores. Set something up with Goshenite Seniors Services and ensure she is always taken care of at home!

Make a card or gift for Mom! Making something by hand can truly show Mom that you care, with the amount of thought and effort you put into it. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something meaningful and special for her.

Buy Mom something she’s really been wanting! Giving Mom a gift that she’s been eyeing can be a great way to show her you care and that you pay attention. We have a great list of gift ideas to get you started:


  • A new book.
  • A board game.
  • A pair of headphones.
  • A portable speaker.
  • Something personalized or engraved.
  • Flowers.
  • New makeup.
  • A new fragrance.
  • New shoes.
  • Jewelry.
  • Something for her sport.

Give Mom a gift card! Treat Mom by letting her choose her own special something. There are endless options for gift cards these days. Goshenite Seniors Services even offers gift cards for any of their services, making it a great gift idea if you don’t know what to get Mom!

All of these ideas are great ways to show Mom you love and care this upcoming Mother’s Day. If you’re unsure how to recognize the special day, take one of our ideas, make it personal for your own mom, and enjoy!