National Fishing Week

Guys – This one’s for you! Did you know that National Fishing Week takes place in July? The Amintro team can’t think of a better way to safely enjoy some downtime, during COVID-19 or anytime. Whether you live in a place where pandemic restrictions are still in place, or your area has loosened restrictions a little bit, fishing is an activity that anyone can enjoy, virtually anytime. Sure, I know we said “Guys” this one’s for you but really – we all know that fishing is a hobby/sport enjoyed by both women and men.

Fishing – at any age!

Fishing is ideal for those of us 50+ and even our more “senior” Seniors can easily take part regardless of fitness ability. It’s really about how much effort you want to put into it. You can relax in a sedentary way, enjoying shoreline casual casting from the comfort of a lawnchair, go for a hike to somewhere more secluded and “set up camp” to enjoy the quiet calm of both the location and the fishing, or you can take part in something a little more active, engaging in a sport like fly-fishing. Of course, those of you who might be boat owners can practically guarantee your isolation by motoring out to a fishing spot far from the shorelines and any crowds of people. In other words, fishing truly is an egalitarian activity available to anyone with a pole, a few worms for bait and some free time on their hands.

Social Bubble

Perhaps you’re familiar with the term “social bubble?” In many states and provinces, restrictions are loosening just enough that if you have a best friend, someone who is considered within your “social bubble” of folks with whom you can resume some level of reasonable contact, the great thing about fishing is that you can do it alone or with that friend! Fishing isn’t a lonely activity but rather, one that is great to do alone if you are so inclined. If feeling lonely has been your experience over these last few months however, it’s also something that can be enjoyed with a companion. The more we think about it, fishing is a very versatile activity – no wonder there is an entire week devoted to it! If this blog has got you thinking about fishing or reminding you of those times when you enjoyed it in the past, here are some tops tips to get you started on the road to sharing stories with friends about “the one that got away!”

Fishing For Beginners, Pros and Everyone In-between:

  1. First and foremost, regardless of where you live – make sure you apply for a fishing license. The process is easy, often available online, and the cost is typically minimal but you’re going to want to make sure you have one.
  2. Resurrect your old fishing gear and give it a tune-up or first-timers can obtain entry-level fishing gear at minimal cost. For most, a spinning reel and rod combo is your best bet to get started. This is an “all in one” rod ideal for beginners and carried anywhere from online, or your local discount retailer to stores that specialize in fishing gear.
  3. Bait is next on the list and relies in part on your comfort level. Worms are typical of course but if you’re uncomfortable either handling worms, or ethically speaking, a variety of lures and something called “PowerBait” are also great ways to reel in a big one.
  4. What else you will need relies in part on what kind of fishing you want to do. Ask yourself:
    • Do I want to eat what I catch or will I simply catch and release?
  5. Depending on your answer you will need a few more pieces of equipment like a net (preferably rubber as it’s easier on the fish if you are releasing them) some needle-nose pliers to remove the hook from the fish, perhaps a bobber or two (attached to your line, a “bobber” will let you know when you’ve snagged a fish) and maybe even a small tackle box for carrying your gear. You might also want a small cooler filled with ice if you’re keeping your catch.
  6. Terms you’ll hear and should become familiar with include: casting, hooking and landing. We suggest you simply do a quick Google search where you’ll find multiple online video options that explain (and demonstrate!) these skills in far better detail than we could ever explain here.
  7. Want to hit the open water but don’t have a boat or a big budget? You can rent for a day, join a guide-led fishing excursion, you can fish from a canoe and even a kayak.

Fishing – For All Seasons!

In short, there’s really no reason not to get out an enjoy some quality alone time or time with a friend or two, fishing. It’s a great stress reliever and mental health has never been more important than now and depending on how you choose to fish – there’s a bit of exercise involved too. Let’s not forget, fishing is something that anyone of any age can do so perhaps this is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the grandchildren, spend some time together and pass along a new skill to the younger generation. As well, National Fishing Week might be in July but fishing is easily a four-seasons type of activity. Ice-fishing in many areas across the country is an ideal way to pass the time when the weather is cold and the winter blahs have set in. Fishing – sure we might have said “Guys, this one’s for you” but in reality – fishing is ideal for everyone!