Our bodies age, our minds age, but our creative abilities stand the test of time.

Research has found that imagination and creativity actually flourish later in life because the brain responds to art by allowing both the left and right hemispheres to work simultaneously. Making art and even viewing art allows the brain to adapt and restructure, enhancing cognition and increasing brain reserve capacity. Bob Ross knew what he was doing! Anyone who spent a Saturday morning watching The Joy of Painting Series will understand this reference! Beyond this, art offers many other benefits as well.

7 Benefits of Art

  1. Reducing depression and anxiety
  2. Increased sense of control
  3. Sensory stimulation
  4. Alleviates boredom
  5. Encourages playfulness and good humour
  6. Calming and relaxing
  7. Fosters self-esteem

So, what kind of art elicits such benefits? The good news is, all of it! From drawing to music, poetry to dancing, needlework and knitting, wherever your interests lie in the world of arts, there are benefits to be had.

As we’re staying at home more these days, it’s important to practice self-care while self-isolating.

There are wonderful online art classes and tutorials available. Udemy, for example, offers a course called The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced. Is knitting something you’ve always had an interest in, but not the time? There’s even a class for that too! Learn to Knit in 3 Easy Lessons by The Knitting Channel is offered at Udemy.

Whether making art or viewing it, there’s something for everyone; and it’s all available at your fingertips. Just type in your search criteria on your favorite search engine and explore the possibilities. It’s good for you!

We recommend making time for art at least once a week and see how you thrive. And don’t forget to post your creativity online and share it with your friends.

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