Winter is a time for hibernation, bundling up indoors, and being cozy. But with spring slowly settling in, it’s time to start getting back outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer. With Earth Day this month, why not enjoy Mother Nature and get some much-needed vitamin D while you’re at it. There are endless things you can do outside to enjoy the good weather. We’ve compiled some ideas for activities according to 4 different moods. Depending on how you’re feeling, get outside and try one of these activities today!


The sunshine is out and there’s a warm breeze in the air, meaning it’s time to get outside and enjoy! Have a picnic in the park or in your own yard. Prepare all of your favourite foods and enjoy them with someone or on your own. Just be wary if the ants want to join in the festivities too!

Read a book or listen to some music while lounging in your favourite chair on the porch. The fresh spring air can do wonders for the mood. Sometimes, we struggle to find the time to just sit and read or listen to music but this is a perfect excuse to do so. If you’re looking for something that requires you to just be present, sit in the sunshine and relax. Some deep breathing can help calm the mind and allow you to soak in all the vitamin D goodness!


Are you a creative person who loves any kind of DIY project? Take advantage of the good weather and get outside to spread your creative wings. Go to a favourite spot of yours and do some drawing of the area. You could also represent the scenery through words by doing some writing.

Do some art for your home like creating a birdhouse or some type of lawn decor. There are tons of DIY’s on the internet for how to create beautiful and unique pieces using all sorts of elements such as huge leaves to create a stone birdbath. Have fun with a DIY that simply can’t be done indoors during winter, like tie dye. Some crafts create a mess that’s just better left for the outdoors!


Springtime can often bring about chores that need doing to tidy after winter and prep for summer. Feeling productive? Get ahead on your gardening by tidying up the plant beds and pruning the perennials. This can take some time but is an easy way to spruce up your yard. While you’re at it, you can also pick up branches that may have fallen with heavy winds and give the grass a good raking to get it growing.

Another good activity to do when the weather is especially nice is to wash the car. While this might take a little bit of your time, it’ll save you money at the carwash and your car will be sparkling!


Getting enough vitamin D helps to lift our moods and give us energy. Go for a walk, run, or bike in your local area for some exercise. Finding a great route that you enjoy can be a huge motivator to establish a routine. Another option is to join an outdoor exercise class. In the nicer months of the year, various organizations run classes such as yoga in local parks and greenspaces. This is a great way to get outdoors as well as connect with others.

Along with exercise classes, look up other events happening in your area. Lots of community events start up as soon as the weather gets nice and it’s a great way to socialize with other locals. Sometimes, it can be difficult for loved ones who may not drive anymore to access these events as well as medical appointments and services, recreation centres, and shopping. Goshenite Seniors Services offers a Driving Seniors Companionship Program across the Greater City of Sudbury that offers personalized door-to-door transportation. This can allow your loved one to not only make important appointments but also attend social and family events within the community. Goshenite Seniors Services is passionate about making the Greater City of Sudbury an accessible city for everyone where medical, leisure, and social activities can be enjoyed!

Now that the good weather is here, it’s time to get outside and enjoy it! However way you may be feeling, this list of activities will help you make the most of the spring weather. So get outside and have fun today!