It’s Spring – So Get Planning!

If you’re a senior on a budget this blog is for you! Let’s face it, the reality is for some of us we haven’t sailed into the “golden years” in a possession of a golden goose, or even a golden egg for that matter! While some talk about sailing the seven seas, “finding their passion” or crossing items off their bucket list, perhaps you’re planning a spring and summer itinerary carefully while being mindful of budget constraints. You are not alone but it doesn’t mean you have to lonely and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to remain housebound! Amintro can help you with both making friends and making plans that are budget-friendly. Here’s how:

  • Check your local community centres and Parks and Recreation Guides for senior-friendly activities, often offered at a discount or even free of charge.
  • Look for local seniors programs organized by community service organizations like the Lions, the Rotary, Meals on Wheels, local church groups and others. Many offer light fitness activities or special programs geared specifically to seniors.
  • Visit your local library – an absolute treasure trove – not just for books but also for book clubs, access to technology learning opportunities, seed and plant exchange programs, lunch and learn sessions and much, much more.
  • Rainy days are perfect for taking advantage of senior pricing at the movie theatres and afternoons are way less crowded than evenings!
  • Sunny days are perfect for taking a picnic to your local park or better yet, visit a botanical gardens close to your community. Many offer significant savings for seniors.
  • Art galleries and museums often run special programs offering free entrance on certain days of the week and at certain times. Plan your schedule to take full advantage of these free opportunities.
  • Want to “find your passion” but in a budget-friendly way? Consider auditing a course at your local college or university. Perhaps pottery has always held a secret fascination or you’ve always wanted to know more about art history. Many colleges and universities offer opportunities for seniors to “audit” courses where you can attend and learn, without the burden of final exams! If you don’t want to be indoors during the nicer weather, investigate enrolment dates and course options now that are upcoming for this fall so that you don’t miss out.
  • Join (or start!) a walking club. Identify a “top ten” list specific to your area of all the great places to walk or hike (depending on your fitness level) and get outdoors with friends.

If these suggestions all sound great but you’re looking for someone to share the fun with, find a friend using Amintro. Just like you might find at your local museum, Amintro also offers a free service for those who are 50+! We are a free app that allows you to find friends in a new way by putting technology to work for you. If you haven’t registered with us you’re missing out on a chance to make new friends, who share your interests and hobbies and who might be living just down the road.

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And if you are already a member – make sure your profile includes all your favorite things to do in order to maximize the opportunity of being matched with new, like-minded friends.

Amintro: It’s where grown ups come to make new friends!

By Sheralyn Roman