Amintro is a name you’ll want to know more about if you are a mature adult, 50+ and either looking to make new friends in your community, or to support a loved one in doing the same. Amintro is the provider of choice for the adult children of seniors who are looking for ways to support their parents in healthy aging. If you’d like to encourage the adults you care about in living life well, with friends and community, that’s our focus. If you’d like help in reducing an aging loved one’s social isolation, increasing the capacity for improving their mental health and encourage them to take part in a variety of events and activities whether online or in person, Amintro can help. Our name is a word created specifically to reflect our purpose – introducing new people for the purposes of making friends. The prefix “Ami” in Latin means friend or friendship and that has evolved over the years so that now, in Spanish, for example, you have the word “amigo,” in French, “Ami,” and in Italian, “Amici.” Paired in combination with “Intro” as the short form for “introduction,” suddenly you have a word that captures the very essence of making new friends. Helping senior loved ones to do this – whether they live alone, in a retirement community or in an apartment dedicated to seniors – is all part of our mission. If you are part of the classic sandwich generation balancing both children and aging parents, Amintro is an online platform designed exclusively for seniors to help your loved ones live life better in a community of like-minded older adults who share similar interests, hobbies and lifestyles. 

How Amintro Works

We understand the concerns you have about supporting your aging parents, about social isolation and the toll it can take, and about the important role that staying active can play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We also know that some folks might be sceptical at first, perhaps associating our site with dating or that it’s fee based. No, and no! Here is just a short list of what we do and what we DON’T do:

 At Amintro We:

  • Have created a community of seniors, for seniors.
  • Have created a senior-centric, online gathering space for older adults (and those who care about them) to connect and socialize, explore and learn, attend online webinars as well as many other virtual events and to encourage and enjoy active aging.

At Amintro:

  • Our site is 100% senior friendly with a large font size, tools that make it easy to navigate from any device whether mobile, laptop, desktop or handheld tool and we have made the security of any information gathered of paramount importance. Your loved one only shares as much – or as little – about themselves as they are comfortable with. Perhaps you may even want to sit in with them while they establish their account.

Amintro Offers:

  • A service for adults who are 50+ and those that love and care for them.
  • A service that is 100% FREE to join – with no strings attached and no hidden fees.
  • A safe, online community of like-minded adults who share similar interests, hobbies and bucket list items.
  • Members the ability to find a friend who might share the same background as you or even speak your language!
  • An opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge base with a range of articles on aging well, health, travel and other topics relevant to older adults. Plus we provide further opportunities to attend virtual events and/or webinars, hosted online by Amintro that allow you to connect with others and participate in fun events like our recent virtual wine and charcuterie pairings event.
  • A way for you to meet others in your community whether they end up being from just across the hall, or from across town. Just moved into a retirement home and unsure about venturing out? Meet some friends online first then plan to meet them in the dining hall for lunch or dinner. You can choose the amount of distance between you and your future friends, ensuring you’ll never have to travel far if you don’t want to!

Amintro Guarantees:

  • Peace of mind to those with older parents, who worry about their family members staying active, fit and engaged in the community and world around them.

At Amintro, we understand the worry of having aging parents. We also know the added stress that comes from balancing children, work, other responsibilities and ensuring Mom or Dad are able to make the best of their senior years too. Loneliness and isolation can take both a physical and mental toll on mature adults and that’s why Amintro has created a safe, engaging and easy to use tool to help adults “make friends and live life.” Visit our site or if you’re already here, look for our printable flyer that you can show your parents the next time you visit. Amintro is here to help YOU, help your PARENTS. It’s perhaps never been more important than now to stay connected in the virtual world and when the time comes and your senior loved ones are comfortable doing so – exploring the world beyond our front doors with friends you’ve made the Amintro way!