If the weather is looking miserable outside, you might be wondering how you could possibly leave your house! We have some ideas to get you out and about when the weather is simply not cooperating for outdoor fun.

Walk around an indoor mall! Malls are great not only for shopping but also for getting some exercise when you can’t be outside. Many people walk around malls simply for the health benefits. Ask some friends to join you and socialize while getting your steps in!

Spend time at a coffee house! Coffee houses are cozy and comforting places to be on a cold day. Meet up with some friends or go alone and enjoy a delicious beverage. You can typically stay at a coffee house for as long as you like and you can choose to chat, journal, read, or work.

Go to the cinema! With a quick internet search, it’s simple to see what’s currently playing and when. You can either purchase your seats online or use a kiosk at the theatre. Grab a friend or go alone and enjoy a great film and some tasty snacks.

Explore a museum or gallery! Museums and galleries are an incredible option for spending a day outside of the house. While weekends can be quite busy, many museums and galleries have a day or evening during the week where admission is cheaper. This is a good option for saving money and avoiding the crowds. Once inside, you can spend as long as you’d like taking in the exhibits!

Go to a board game cafe! Board game cafes are a newer form of entertainment. They offer hundreds of board games to play with friends while serving delicious food and beverages. Spend hours playing your favourite games for a flat hourly fee. You’ll never be bored with so many games to choose from!

Check out your local library! The library doesn’t only offer books and a cozy space to read them in. Many libraries offer special classes and events for various things to do. Participate in a monthly book club. Join a paint night with friends. Learn something like a new language. Look into your local library and see what they offer today!

Relax at a spa! While tending towards the pricier side, spas are a luxurious and relaxing reason to get out of the house. They typically offer different services at various prices. You’re sure to find something that you can partake in. Grab your girls or your guys and head for a relaxing day at the spa!

Go bowling! Many of us have fond memories of bowling in our youth. But who says bowling is only for the young? It’s an enjoyable pastime that can be a weekly activity with friends. You could even join a dedicated league and play competitively.

As you can see, there are many options for getting out of the house despite the cold, dreary, wet weather. Grab your friends and try out one of our ideas today!