This year, instead of making the typical resolutions of ‘lose weight’, ‘save money’, or ‘get organized’, and breaking them by February, why not try something different?

Here are 5 resolutions that will bring more joy to your life, and with that, you will notice the other things start to fall into place.

5 Resolutions Worth Making

Live a happier life.

Can someone really just resolve to be happier? The answer is, in fact, yes. Start by writing down two things each morning that you are thankful for. This will begin each day with a positive note. Gratitude and positivity play a huge role in happiness, and while you can’t be happy all the time, everyone can use an extra dose of happiness in their lives.

Stay positive.

Positivity brings so many benefits to our lives; it can help us cope more easily with stress, strengthen personal relationships, and enhance overall well-being. To create a more positive outlook you have to look within; be aware of your thoughts, actions and reactions, appreciate the little things, and look for the lesson in every situation.

Meet new people.

There is a whole world of ideas, experiences and knowledge out there. Resolving to meet new people can broaden your horizons in many ways. You don’t have to become friends with everyone, some people you may not like at all, but opening yourself up to new people offers opportunities and insights that you may have missed out on otherwise, and the opportunity to form strong, even life-long relationships.

Make new friends.

There is no such thing as having too many friends, and while some friendships will be stronger than others, each friend can offer different experiences and a different type of relationship; whether it is someone you can play cards with, go for coffee with, or someone you can have deep and meaningful conversations with. The key here is not to force relationships or to put pressure on yourself to form them. Let them happen naturally and gradually develop over time.

Build stronger relationships.

Friendships and relationships are about more than having a full social calendar. Having a core group of people who ‘get and understand you’ is crucial to emotional well-being. These are the people you feel completely comfortable around, will be there for you when you need them, and know that you would do the same for them.

We think these are resolutions worth making and keeping throughout 2020!

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