While packing up a suitcase and soaring off to New York or Paris may sound like a thrill, it’s good to remember that travel and relaxation do not always go hand in hand. As adventuring off to a far-away destination may not be your best bet right now, why not have a staycation instead? Yep, you heard that right, a staycation, that is, a vacation that you take by staying home. Ease your mind away from hectic highways and the stress of jetlag and airports! Home is all you need for some rest and AMINTRO’s got the perfect tips to make sure you reap the rewards of that much-needed staycation. Although the whole process should be relaxing, a little planning and strategizing do go a long way in terms of making sure you’re recharging and having fun.

     1. Switch Off

The first step to taking this much-needed time off is to unplug and switch off from any work-related distractions. The point of this staycations is to unwind and be at a place where you are enjoying yourself at home without any obligations and responsibilities that you wouldn’t want otherwise. Even on vacations, some people are unable to detach and disconnect from their phones, taking away from the experience itself. It’s a good idea to temporarily delete work email accounts from your phones or set up automated responses. Trust us, you can always get back to them later!

     2. Clean Up Your Living Space

Before going on your staycation, it may be a good idea to tidy up your home and keep it as beautiful and healthy as possible. Nothing helps you put your feet up like having all your dishes done, all the beds made, and the whole house looking orderly. Bonus points if you get the bathrooms smelling all fresh and clean. Who needs a hotel?

     3. Plan Out Some Indulgent Dinners

There are two ways you can indulge in your dinners during your staycation. Whether you decide to stay in and cook or order your meals through delivery, planning is part of the pleasure in the process. Luxuriate in those cookbooks on your shelves… why not try that aromatic salmon drenched in olive oil and herbs? Your tummy will thank you! Otherwise, you can use some of all that money you’ve been saving by not going out of town, on some delectable meals on UberEats or skipthedishes.com. You deserve it! Check out all the local restaurants you’ve been meaning to try, but keep putting off!

     4. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

You can decide to be a tourist in your hometown if you want to. Roam around the city and find some museums to check out, or how about visiting some of the best local parks? Go for a scenic drive with your loved ones, walk through a nature trail, or learn about the history of the place you live in. This is all part of a staycation (only if you want it to be)! Of course, if you want to stay home all day, the luxury is all yours! As opposed to staying stuck in a hotel room in Paris, being stuck in your bedroom when you’re on a staycation doesn’t leave you feeling as guilty or embarrassed! It’s all up to you!

     5. Turn Your Home Into a Movie Theatre

That’s right, dim the lights, turn the projector or DVD player on, put on some classics and pass the popcorn! Don’t forget to make the couches as cozy as possible with all the pillows and blankets you can find! You can take a whole day off and just watch rewatch some of your favorites through a movie marathon! Invite some close family or friends who are also cooped up at home to catch some new flicks. You can even simply turn on the telly and well if you can be a good sport about it, watch some travel documentaries! Think of it as taking multiple virtual vacations!

     6. Host a Game Night

This is the perfect way to add some enjoyment to the mix. While relaxing at home, all you need to do is to take a few steps to the living room to enjoy some bonding and fun with the family. You don’t have to wait in long queues, you don’t have to spend a dime, all you need is a stack of cards, board games, some comfy pillows, and snacks!

     7. Take Tons of Photos!

We take tons of snaps when we’re far from home, but what about pictures of the place you spend so much precious time? So much energy and love get put into keeping our houses clean, organized, and beautiful, so why not give them the appreciation they deserve. Our wonderful memories made at home are just as cherishable as the memories made on a trip to Bali. Time to memorialize everything, from videos of the cat lazing on the sofa to self-timed pictures of ourselves cooking up our famous roast chicken in the kitchen! You won’t realize it yet but you will have created a legacy of wonderful moments captured.